Friday, March 21, 2008

to be alone

John Paul tried to get Kieron out of his mind. He deleted his texts before he could read them. He didn't want it to start again. He had to make it stop.

He didn't want to dwell on anything with the family, either. Quintin was his life now. Of course, he could have done without Molly who was a loud messy cow with perhaps a hundred boyfriends. She never met a man she didn't like, or so she said.

Although, she still badmouthed Rhys and even Kris. Of course, it was hard to take her seriously. He honestly wished they could gag her, shoot her full a morphine and knock her out of her misery.

If that wasn't enough to be in this hell hole, there was Spike right across the hall. As usual he was a laugh with everyone but him. John Paul could take Spike's smile away, instantly.

If he didn't have dreams of Kieron all over him, skin to skin, at night, it was nightmares of Spike trying to take his life. It wasn't easy to live here with Quintin with so much on his mind.

"I wish we were on holiday." John Paul suggested to Quintin.

"You know we can't afford it." Quintin said right away. "Maybe a trip to Chester. The gay village is open all night."

"Lets do it." John Paul needed to get away even if it were a moment. He needed Quintin to get through this with him. Maybe he could talk him into getting a studio. If it were the two of them, they wouldn't need that much space. Of course, space as it was was hard enough to come by in Hollyoaks.

"Maybe we should look for a place in Chester." It was a thought. He had to get as far away from Kieron as he could.

He even called Chloe about it. She told him she hadn't seen Craig for quite a while.

"I didn't really call about that," he told her. Instead, he wanted to tell her about his new life with Quintin. Although, she got more of a laugh about Molly and all her late nights with different men.

"You poor lad, you should come to Dublin, some time."

"Dublin?" That gave him a smile. "That would be nice." She promised him a room. "You could bring your mate."

"I couldn't," he said. For the first time, he really thought it would be grand to go some place alone. To be alone with Chloe.

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