Saturday, March 22, 2008

stuck in the middle

This sucked. Josh had a job.

"What do you mean? Why can't you be right over?" Freddie didn't mean to be so demanding, but he need his Josh time. Lately, it seemed the mobile was their only way of contact.

"Well, I'd wait for you at the Black Cat if you can make it." Although, it was a school night and Josh had exams coming up.

Josh couldn't. At least not tonight.

"I miss you." Freddie waited for Josh to say 'I love you' first. But he didn't.

"What could have possibly gone wrong?" He asked Spike a moment later when he shut his phone off.

"Don't be so hard on him. He has to be a school lad, you know." Spike was on the Internet e-mailing someone about a DJ gig at a club somewhere. It wasn't quite enough to just manage a record shop these days.

"Don't rub it in." Freddie snapped. His phone rang then. Naturally, it wasn't Josh, but another message from Kris.

"When will this arse, give up?" Freddie moaned.

"Kris? I take it?"

"Yes, he's pathetic." Freddie paced the kitchen. He might do some sit-ups just to pass the time away, but he needed to think this out. Josh and he needed a getaway.

"What if I took Josh to France." The idea sounded brilliant.

"That wouldn't be wise. What if the 'rents sent the police on to you two? Stop being foolish." Spike reminded him.

"Right." Why did Spike have to bring him down so? "Why can't this be proper?"

"Then find you a bloke like Kris and get on with it." Spike suggested.

"Don't disgust me." Freddie closed his eyes.

"Then get an extra job. Take your mind off Josh. It never hurts to pad the nest from time to time," Spike said.

"You have a point, but what could I do?" It took a great effort to stay fit daily.

"Be that old miss' Robinson's personal trainer, why don't you?" There was a ticket. "She's paid you well in the past."

"She paid me well too, escorting her to all those parties in Manchester and the like." But there was a bad taste left in his mouth. The old cow would want more from him than just escorting, and at the moment he wasn't really ready to go that far, especially when all he could think of was Josh.

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Shenell Keanna said...

yeah, i didn't feel like writing about New York City. Since I already live here, so why not make up some street names?

I like the title of this part.

I even have a good feeling about RI (Random Infidelities). I'm even thinking about cutting Two Different Roads short. Maybe, part up three more parts and end right there.

//Shenell Keanna