Thursday, March 13, 2008

a slight problem

Newt knew where he was going. It didn't hurt that no one was home at Laleh's. Well, she was home. She was always home. As of yet, he'd never met her parents. Maybe she'd done something to them, for all he knew.

But that wasn't exactly on his mind right now. He'd gotten sidetracked. He'd meant to come to her. Not to be with Lauren. That was just a last minute thing. He'd meant to be at Laleh's all along.

She might be expecting him. Might not. He'd surprise her. He'd hide in her wardrobe until the moment arrived. Yeah, something like that. He almost had it planned out as he got to her room and heard her in the bathroom taking a bath.

He could picture her in the tub. Suds about with her headphone on, shaving her legs. What would she do if he walked in? Cut herself.

That was a thought. But he wasn't in the mood to make her suicidal. Not just yet. Well, he wouldn't. He wasn't quite that horrible. But the blood. Well, that was a little intriguing. Possibly. He wasn't going to think about it. He wasn't a complete psycho. Wouldn't want her hurting herself over him.

As he walked across her room past her dresser, he looked at himself in the mirror and wondered what had become of the Newt, he use to know. Maybe he'd gone full blown emo. Who knew what that really meant, anyway.

And then he saw it. There on his neck. The left side, just below his ear. Two little marks, like vampire marks.

"Fuck." This was serious. What the hell had Lauren done to him? Did she know where he was going? It hadn't even hurt when it happened.

True. He had way too much shit going on at the moment. But he couldn't take his eyes off it. He came closer to his reflection. Yeap. It was a hickey. Simple as that. A stupid fucking hickey.

"She fucking hates me." He breathed in. How was he going to get out of Laleh's room now? The bathroom was unlocking. He looked above for hope. No ghost was going to get him out of this fix.

He crawled into the back of wardrobe and waited in the dark. Chances were Laleh wasn't going to go to bed early. And if that wasn't enough, one of her stupid dolls' legs was stuck in his butt.

This sucked. To be Laleh's prisoner. But he just couldn't come clean. Not about Lauren. He squeezed himself and rocked himself gently as he listened for her footsteps to come across the room. He waited for the wardrobe to open. It didn't.

He felt himself shrink in the darkness. There were so many reasons not to be here. He honestly wasn't that crazy about all her games. But she was beautiful. And he let her touch him. Or was it she let him touch her.

Just why couldn't he be with Lauren, right now. He watched for the light to go out under the door. It stayed on forever. Maybe she was on her laptop. Maybe she'd decided to write her five hundred page novel she always talked of writing about some dead poet he never heard of.

He was sure it was something amazing. He imagined her writing poetry in the nude. Just the thought was making his other self turn into a rock.

He needed a little help here. Maybe if he could confess this down at the church, he wouldn't have these thoughts. But he would. He definitely would. A chill came over him. It was true. He was no better than the average teenage bloke. And he was suffering for it now. He said in his head, "Are you happy now? Is this the way its suppose to be?"

His stomach growled. The brownie could only take him so far. The only real nourishment he'd had in the last four hours. Would Laleh ever go to bed?

Finally, the lights went out. He thought for the longest time he'd have to jack off to pass the time away. Thank God, he didn't.

He got to his feet and got out of the wardrobe as quiet as he could. He was sure now the doll's foot had infected him somehow. There was an itch he couldn't quite reach as he tip-toed across the room.

"Where have you been?" Her lamp clicked on.

"No where, actually." He kept his voice low.

"We're the only ones here," Laleh said in a regular voice.

"Really?" He saw that she had nothing on under the covers.

"Well, get in." She prompted.

He set down on the bed.

"Don't you think you're over dressed." She shrugged.

He shook his head, no, while he took off his shoes and socks. He kept his head down. Hopefully, she wouldn't inspect his neck. He switched off the light. He hated for her to see his scrawny self. In the dark she could imagine who ever she wanted. Maybe a pop star or Orlando Bloom. Anybody but him.

After he undressed, he laid with his back turned to her. Only the heat of her body drew him in. She put her arm around him, touched the vital package that possibly needed more attention than he did and she began to kiss him on the neck.

He let himself lean to her touch. He thought of Lauren. How she'd kissed him. Kissed his neck that very spot. It felt wonderfully bliss to be in Laleh's bed even if he were thinking of Lauren. And he couldn't stop himself but to turn and touch Laleh too. First her face with kisses. Then the next important part, her sexy supple breasts and then like music his finger found what she'd been waiting for. And then she was happy. He knew with her kiss what worked and what didn't. Anything she ever did to him always worked.

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