Sunday, March 16, 2008

settling in

Jeremy thought for sure he'd be Will by now, but he wasn't. Jeremy the librarian. It was beginning to stick.

They'd furnished the apartment mostly from hand me downs from the mature ladies in the circulation department. They even brought food.

Of course, there was the exception of stopping by Sarah's old home. He was sure he would have seen Zoe, and she'd be hysterical and he'd be in a cell somewhere, but he wasn't.

Instead, Sarah chose a time when only her sister was home. And Amy cried into her sister's shoulder. Although, Jeremy was pretty sure this had more to do with the situation with Amy's boyfriend than anything else, but just the same it was emotional. Jeremy thought it would take hours to get out of there, but he'd brought boxes and stuffed most of Sarah's stuff in them while she chatted with her sister.

He wasn't even sure if Sarah needed half this stuff, but he didn't question it. He packed it up.

Now all was quiet. He thought she might be on the mobile with her mother, but she wasn't. She was busy making the apartment a home. She even made sugar cookies.

"I can't remember when I've baked." She was a kid again. And he was getting use to her ways. Sort of.

He was glad the transition hadn't been a landslide of misery. Instead, she was rather attentive to him. If he thought about it, tears swelled in his eyes. He was sure he didn't deserve this much from her.

Why had he tried so hard with Zoe?

"Its perfect." He hung the last curtain which was once an old bed sheet from her bedroom, a black print of flowers on white that now made its home in their new livngroom.

"Lovely." He nodded setting down a brew of tea for each of them.

"Now we should have a dinner party." She announced.

"Really." He hated the idea.

"Yes, Spike and Freddie for starters."

"Of course." They had done their share of moving boxes for them.

"Wouldn't that be enough?" He squinted.

"But it has to be a party." She laughed.

"Lets not got overboard." He shook his head, no.

'You could invite someone from the library," she said.

"Well, I guess." He couldn't think of entertaining a few old cows along with some queer young folk. Just didn't feel right. "I think it should be small though. Really."

"Of course." She smiled. She gave him a kiss. She had a way of putting him in the mood. Perhaps it was the way she stroked his beard or made sure he was groomed, properly. Whatever the case, he usually gave Sarah whatever she wanted.

After all, she was his princess and he might as well have been her knight in shining armour.

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Shenell Keanna said...

thanks for the advice.
it seems pretty much
a sad moment for me
to leave Two Different Roads,
behind for a while. But I really
do hope I get more ideas which contributes to the whole idea
of taking the rest of March off.
Just leave a comment for me, to tell me when you post up another chapter, i'll be stopping by my site regulary to make sure everything is fine.

//Shenell Keanna