Monday, March 17, 2008

plotting, planning and other party ideas

I stir
I change I manifest
the human love from the universe that will suit me best

Laleh had a party to plan. It looked like a go ahead. Of course, it was no where near Gossip Girl spectacular, but it would do for a Sweet 16. She hoped.

The catering was in place. Yes, she even ordered her own cake. The band would play, Lauren and Ian. What was she missing?

I melt your cold, cold heart with angel fire
the truth you'll See, and not the mire,
as the ice melts, the truth will appear
pushing away all that you fear
if gossip lies at the root of this
tis little spell shall not miss
and then I shall expose the liar
angel fire, rise higher and higher.

Of course, there wasn't any support from her mother or her family. And she'd hoped Ste, her half brother would come, but as of yet, he hadn't R.S.V.P ed.

She figured as much. He'd been cold to her ever since his last little bout in prison. It had changed him, she supposed. Maybe it was something else, but she missed him.

She'd even gone out of her way to bring his baby daughter, Leigh(something like that), a gift, but he wouldn't except. She knew if it had been money would have gladly taken it. She should have known better than to try to make some sort of peace with him. There was no real peace in Ste.

Her other problem, Newt. Why did he have to be this way? Didn't he know she needed him by her side through this whole ordeal.

He had his rules. And she accepted them for the most part because really she did want him. She wanted him so close and yet he felt so far away that it made her miserable most of the time. Then he'd show up and be this energy she couldn't get enough of.

Yet, all she really wanted for her birthday was a boyfriend and she assumed Newt wasn't going to give in. Perhaps he'd give her nothing, but stew in his room and feel sorry for himself.

That's where Cecil came in. It didn't coax him much to get the invite out of him. And he was older. Though, she was pretty sure he was a demon of some kind with that emo doo of his. Wait until Newt spotted this lean monster at the party. She couldn't stop smiling about it.

She kept Cecil at bay with promises. Yes, she would go clubbing with him in Manchester. Perhaps they'd spend the weekend in London sometime this summer. Whatever. It would be over before then. She just needed the right bait to have Newt back where she wanted him.

Goddess loves me this I know
for the spirit tells me so
little ones to her belong
addicts are weak, but I am strong

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