Monday, March 3, 2008

on the other side of Hollyoaks

John Paul suddenly felt unsure walking up the brownstone steps to Quintin's place. There was a pinch of excitement and yet dread. The thought of Father Kieron played out in his head. How could he do this to Kieron? How could he not?

"My sister might be home. Hopefully, not. She said she had plans. You won't mind if she's there, will you?" Quintin turned and looked down to John Paul.

"Don't get me started on sisters," sighed John Paul. "If you have only one put up with, you've got it made."

"Well, Molly, isn't always easy to get along with. I'd love to be out on my own without her," Quintin said continuing on into the building. It was a might size building, thought John Paul. For a brief second he wondered if their might be any dwellings open. He'd like to be on his own too. He felt chained to the McQueen house. Maybe it was time to cut all ties. Maybe he wouldn't even come home tonight.

Just as they got up to the hallway, they met Freddie and Josh coming out of the apartment across the hall. John Paul had to admit he was more than a little shocked. Josh was definitely moving on.

"You two-" John Paul didn't even have to finish his sentence.

"um, Yeah." Josh nodded.

"Maybe we could all have a drink, sometime." John Paul stared at Josh thinking why hadn't they gotten together, after all. he guessed it wasn't meant to be. Why had he been so mixed up with Father Kieron at the time?

"You do know, Spike lives here, don't you?" Freddie pulled his fingers through his unruly blond hair.

"Spike." It had been a long while since John Paul spoke of him. "Oh, I see. Well, maybe I'll see you two around some time, just the same."

Quintin unlocked the door and wanted to know about Spike.

"I guess you could say he was my first. My first." He sighed, "And leave it at that."

"You two don't even talk anymore?" Quintin shook head, no.

"Its a long story. I'd rather not talk about it," said John Paul who then got a good look at the pink living quarters. "Carmel would be right at home, here." John Paul laughed. "My sister."

"Yeah, I'm threatening to paint the walls a neon green. That would show her. It could be all mod then, not a princess' palace." Quintin gave John Paul a lager then, and they set down on the couch.

"Maybe you should." John Paul kept thinking about Spike across the hall. He wondered what it would be like to see him again. Would they get in a fist fight or would Spike completely ignore him and give him the cold shoulder.

He knew they could never be friends again. It wasn't possible.

"So, I had no idea you even fancied me," Quintin suddenly said.

"What?" John Paul had never been with a bloke who put it so bluntly. "I...I had no idea you'd fancy me." John Paul drank at the bottle as if he hoped not to speak of it, again.

"Really," Quintin was looking at John Paul. His lips pursed like a silly little school girl. "You've got a splendid arse, indeed."

John Paul faintly smiled. What had he got himself into?

"We've got the place all to ourselves tonight. Molly's gone off with a footballer. Don't expect her in at all for the rest of the weekend." He gave John Paul a slight wink.

"Best news I've heard all day." John Paul drank up his drink. It was time for another. It might be quite a long night.

Quintin smiled. "Come on, you want to see my room, don't you?"

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