Sunday, March 2, 2008

on the brink of disaster

Josh felt himself trembling now after his little run in with Rhys, and the cell phone. He shivered to think of the consequences if Rhys knew about Freddie. And all the things that went along with knowing Freddie.

Would they send him away to some camp in hopes of having their normal boy come home. Or worst, disown him the way the Deans had shunned Craig.

He crossed his arms and held himself. He was to frantic to even call Freddie and tell him about Rhys. But Freddie might have known all this already. Rhys had called him, but Rhys didn't know who he called.

Josh dropped himself back on his pillow and closed his eyes. No one could take away what Freddie did for him. It was pure brilliance as far as Josh was concerned.

Freddie could put him at such ease. And from all the times with being with Freddie, no way was he going back. Back to before. He took a deep breath and felt himself go hard. He wished he knew how Freddie did it. His touch. His hands. His body. It made him want to fall into a trance of some kind and let Freddie take complete control over his body.

There had been no pain the first time. Not the kind of pain everyone talked about. Not like Freddie had said. He wasn't even sure if Freddie would even do it at first.. since to him...this was rather virgin territory of some kind. But he kept taunting Freddie with kisses in every private part he could think of. He knew what he wanted, and they were both deliriously happy. He had been in the best wet dream ever, but he was awake.

Josh had only wanted more in the end. True, he'd exhausted Freddie. He hadn't meant to do that.

No, it would pang him very much if he didn't get the chance to please Freddie as much as Freddie had so fondly given to him.

He'd just left Freddie alone in the early morning hours just so he could get home on a Saturday. For what? To be shamed by his brother. Maybe Freddie went back to sleep. He'd crawl back in bed with him and be there when he awoke.

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