Monday, March 17, 2008

off to the library

Josh didn't want to ask Simon about the kilt. Perhaps, they weren't even talking to each other. It was hard to say. Maybe this was being hard to get. Or maybe there wasn't anything to get.

Simon went on an on about some theory by an existentialist that no one seemed to know or care to know. Josh felt a little bad about having to endure the whole elaborate monologue out in the school hall. Finally, some footballer named Billy slammed Simon into the locker as if he'd had enough.

Josh squinted. That didn't look good. It had only knocked the breath out of Simon a little. Josh pulled Billy back before he could do anymore harm.

"Watch it," Josh said thinking maybe Billy was a bit jealous because Simon had plenty of the lasses around him listening intently as if he might share what sort of hair products he used instead of the long literature lesson.

"Shut it! Ashworth! Trying to protect your laddy-boy, here." Billy's freckles pulled a face like a mad bulldog.

Josh was so close to punching him, but he didn't. He just held on to his collar. "Just leave it, you prat. What's Simon ever done to you?"

"Get off! Queer is what you are."

"Bastard." Josh sneered back and let him go. Billy hurried down the hall then and up the stairs.

"That's just lovely, now you'll have the whole team antaganizing me, won't you." Simon pushed back his black horn-rimmed glasses on his nose.

"A shame, he couldn't bust those." Josh stared back at him.

"What? I couldn't part with these." He slightly laughed it off and went his way to class.

"What have I done to deserved this, Simon? Giving me the cold shoulder suddenly." Josh followed thinking maybe this was just what Simon needed and ass kicking from a footballer.

"You think I'm beneath you, now don't you? You can't be seen with likes of me." He turned back to him.

"What?" Josh squinted. "Where is this coming from?"

"You are a no show for the longest, then you turn up as if you were always here." Simon clutched his books in front of him as if there might be another danger zone around the corner. "When were you ever there for me, Ash?"

"Sorry." Josh couldn't come up with more than that as they went to class.

He thought about what Simon said. True, he hadn't been here lately. He spent most of his time with Freddie which meant his lessons were slipping. He was behind. He had no other choice but to speak to Simon after class.

"Tell you what, come around sometime. I could use your help for my revisions."

"How about today?" It was certain, Simon was always up for a study.

"Can't, have to go to the library." Josh shrugged.

"Then I'll come with you."

"Suit yourself." Josh was on his way now. He hadn't forgotten about the job that Newt told him about so the two walked toward the library.

"Sorry, for being a rotten kad," Simon apologized on the way, "You've completely shut me out, you know. Ever since your sister was sick. That was ages ago."

"Sorry. I really haven't been up for company, as it is. I know I'm the blame. Sometimes, you just can't help yourself, you know." Josh walked on and Simon walked with him.

"Hey, how about we exchange mobile numbers," nodded Simon. "Then we won't have an excuse, now will we?"

They stopped, punched in each other's number to their mobile and went on for their walk to the library.

"Do you come here much?" Simon squinted once they got to the steps of the library.

"More so if I get this shelving position." Josh shrugged.

"You know there's a ghost on the premises, don't you," Simon said seriously.

"Yeah, right," Josh chuckled.

"Seriously, I saw this lady in the mirror in the restroom here," said Simon. "And believe me there is no lady in the men's restroom."

"Whatever you say, Simon." Josh went on up the steps.

"You'll have to witness it yourself, then."

"Guess so." Josh wasn't going to let a little ghost scare keep him from applying for the job.

Naturally, when Josh asked about the position, he was given an application to fill out. Then he had to wait to see the head librarian. Of course, Newt was no where in sight. Simon patiently waited with him.

Josh noticed a book on philosophy and handed it to Simon when he was called back to Jeremy's office. "Something to keep you occupied."

Jeremy asked him the basics, about his education, his goals. It felt a little silly to Josh to have to go through all this just to shelve books, but in the end Jeremy told him he could start immediately. As it was even Jeremy was saying. "Where did that little bugger go to?" So much for Newt having Jeremy wrapped around his little finger smiled Josh.

"I've got my mate with me. He can help, he's very good with words and the alphabet." Josh offered.

"At this rate, I'll have to hire him too. We really have so much that needs to be put away." Jeremy shook his head and went back to his office.

"Hey Simon, I think I got you a position."

"What?" He frowned.

"Don't look so daft, you know you want it." Josh smiled. Simon narrowed his eyes, but finally gave up any resistance of their being a ghost around.

"How many days a week?" Simon asked.

"Four days. Saturday afternoons."

"Really. I guess I could give it a shot." He sighed and went to Jeremy's office with an application then.

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hey, i left a comment to what you said on mine, on your personal blog. I love the entry on Tracey Cyrus from Metro Station [favorite band,right?]did you know he is actually the cousin of Miley Cyrus the biggest Disney Channel Star and his uncle or cousin is Billy Ray Cyrus? What a FAMOUS family!

//Shenell Keanna