Thursday, March 6, 2008

maybe so

Did Josh just see who he thought he saw? He was out on the landing by Freddie's window. He was on his way to his room. Some how their was fun in coming to Freddie's room this way.

1. he didn't have to take the usual. the stairs. therefore , he rarely saw that many people who lived in the building.

2. there was a thrill to it. coming in by way of the roof. perhaps it made him feel sexy or maybe just the sight of Freddie was sexy. he couldn't be sure. but it was a sexy thrill.

3. nothing like a little exercise to get the day started.

But that was Amy's sister Sarah, and she was with the librarian. That didn't seem logical. But then he'd seen her around with Elliot. And he didn't seem her type, either.

"You don't think she'd move in the building, do you?" He was troubled about the idea.

Freddie of course, had no idea who he was going on about.

"She's a model. Sort of. And..and she's Amy's sister." Josh explained while in Freddie's grasp on his bed.

"That girl you slept with but never really slept with?" Freddie was slightly piecing it together.

"Amy's sister. Sarah." Josh sighed.

"Whats that got to do with you?"

"Well, what if she sees me around here?"

"And? And how awful could that be?" Freddie gave him a little kiss for courage. "Stop letting your imagination run away with its self. She probably has more on her mind than reporting your whereabouts to her sister. Besides, isn't Amy involved with that Snide fellow?"


"Same difference. Sounds like an infection. Just let it go." Freddie held him closer. Josh knew he was right. Besides, he hadn't came here for a little chat, now had he? What went on among blokes in the bedroom didn't mean someone had x-ray vision and could spy on them. Did it?

So what if Sarah was out about with her library friend. It wasn't like they'd be neighbors. Now would it?

He unzipped Freddie's jeans then. The least he could do to begin with was a handjob. Freddie craved his mouth. Things were set in motion. He felt very relaxed about how amazing he could feel being with Freddie. It was power he could carry with him through out the day. That is until night fall came.


Bard Girl said...

I never really thought about writing fan fic for Hollyoaks but after you stopped by I thought about it and ended up writing a drabble. I might see about writing something if I get an idea.

Shenell Keanna said...

I made this Hollyoaks banner for you of Rhys [with just one picture] for your story on photoshop! I'll let me friend to send it to you, but just don't e-mail her back. just leave me a comment telling me when you get it.