Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a lot more of Sarah

It hadn't been his intention in the least to use Sarah. Will/Jeremy had no idea Sarah drank like a fish and kissed like a vacuum. Well, a good vacuum.

She's been all over him at the Black Cat pub. And he'd tried to order her a cab, but instead, she insisted on sitting in his lap.

"No, I'm not going home," Sarah said. She'd play with his whiskers and snogged him fondly. He could definitely get use to this.

"All right, then. You can come home with me." He wanted to sober her up. Get her to come to her senses. Be the real Sarah. "But you'll have to be very quiet."

"Quiet?" She yelled at the pub. "I'm always a good girl. You know its true."

"Of course, I believe you." He didn't want to start a fight with her on the subject. He had to figure out where to go from here. His place wasn't far. Actually. But it didn't seem right to carry her.

"Can you walk?" He touched her face then, and she caught his index finger and began to suck on it. He hadn't expected this in a public place. She was definitely quite different than he imagined. "We need coffee." Yes, he'd make her coffee. She's sleep it off. They would not be doing this again. Coming to the Black Cat.

He didn't let her have his finger much longer even if there were ideas spawning in his head about where this might lead. They needed to get away from here, some how. And he managed to walk her out of the pub. Holding her up. But as they managed around the corner, he decided to carry her the rest of the way to the boarding house.

Luckily, when he opened the door, he didn't see the old woman in sight. Perhaps she was in the kitchen making tea. Sarah giggled.

"Shh..."He said very quietly and looked out for the old woman. If she knew about Sarah, she'd kick him out immediately. No exceptions.

But he was willing to take his chances. He raced up the stairs, quickly. and got into his room with Sarah at the top of the stairs.

"God, you are so strong." Sarah laughed.

"Be quiet." He put his lips on hers just to muffle her voice as he laid her on the bed and proceeded to take her shoes off.

"Take it all off." She begged. "I want it all off."

"Sarah, no, please, please don't get me in trouble." He might be finished if she didn't keep quiet.

"Then bring me your cock." She whispered a giggle.

"What?" He squinted with a whisper. "You need lots of coffee." He was rummaging through his little cupboard where he had a hot plate and a kettle on the counter near the sink.

"I'm asking for a cock! I want yours." She insisted in a low voice. Then she laughed.

"Sarah, you can't be loud." He whispered as he came to her and fell practically on top of her with her help, of course on the bed.

"I want a cock," she started to cry.

Jeremy felt himself unraveling. What was he to do? Maybe he should turn out the lights. That would be best. Maybe she'd just fall asleep, but she was a live one. Undressing herself before him. He couldn't even manage to get the kettle on.

She proceeded to undress him next with the lights on. She had to have the lights on. "This really is a bad idea, Sarah. Very bad. Its a terrible idea."

"See," after she'd gotten him down to his undies. "Was it really that hard?" She laughed, softly. Well, something was left hard.

He just knew the old woman would be coming to his room any moment, yet he couldn't help but want to be with Sarah, too.

Meanwhile, Sarah found what she was looking for and proceeded to do what she'd intended to do all along to Jeremy.

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Shenell Keanna said...

This part was intresting, I like how Sarah is behaving and what Sarah made Will/Jeremy do. It was rather amusing

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