Monday, March 3, 2008

like ice

It was like ice at school with Laleh. And without expression, indifferent as usual to the world, Newt was all right with that. He didn't miss her at all because he saw her after school everyday.

Evidently, she was learning the rules of engagement because she seldom ever looked his way. But he'd spy on her. Get hints of her conversations. He'd find himself musing over her, but he couldn't let her know.

Lauren just gave him funny looks. She seemed to have found some sort of beauty in Ian that no one else could decipher. And this bothered Newt. She wasn't suppose to be this way. She was suppose to drop everything and sit next to him. But she didn't.

Really, he didn't care. Maybe Lauren needed a nice screaming match just so he could set her straight on a few things.

Sometimes, he'd close his eyes and feel Laleh right in front of him. Sometimes, it really happened too. In her room. And it always began with a kiss. Then he'd slowly slide one hand down her breast. Work with it slowly until he found the moment to kiss there. Then there.

She was hot. So hot.

Sometimes, they'd change it up. She might have him try on one of her dresses. She was kinky that way. But it always turned into a slowburn. She did things for him he never asked her to do.

Sometimes, it felt like a heavy dream of sleep that swayed his equilibrium. He took in every bit of her for the most part. As long as they didn't go all the way. She was OK.

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