Thursday, March 6, 2008

lets hate Newt

Lauren could see it. But she didn't believe it. Newt was way to happy to be broken up about Laleh.

"You're still with her, aren't you?" She knew he was there in the dark watching her.

He found her alone in the music room after school. He'd been spying on her for sometime while she put the musical instruments away.

"Bloody, hell no." He squinted. "You should stop listening to who ever you're getting your information from."


"How would your elephant boy know, anyhow?" He kept his distance with his arms crossed.

"He'd never bother with the likes of you." She snarled.

"Go ahead, and defend him. He's quite dreadful." Newt shrugged.

"Get off! I like him as he is." Why did he have to be so harsh? He didn't even know Ian.

"I'm beginning to detest your likes in blokes."

"Well, then, I won't have to worry about you flirting with any of them, now will I?" She suspected there was some hidden agenda he had plotted. "What do you want from me?"


It was dark in the room. And she felt sad that it had come to this. Nothing friendly remained. Just jabs of cutting the other one down.

"I suppose, Laleh does anything you want her to do." She tilted her head and watched him. He must have thought of himself as some fantastic lover. Probably in bed. It disgusted her to think of the two of them doing anything together.



"And what are you?" He stepped forward.

"My friendship with Ian will out last your little affair far longer than your little secrets with Laleh." Bitterness got the best of her. She'd been all right til now with the comfort of Ian showing her chords on his electric guitar. "I hate you very much." She fought back tears. "I don't know what I ever saw in you in the first place."


"Is that the best you can do?" She squinted, feeling herself slightly crumbling. She flew out of the music room then and ran down the hall. It felt titillating to be in the light. Away from Newt. Away from his dark world.

She found Ian out on the playground chatting with his mates.

"What happened?" He looked up. "I've been waiting, you know. Forever, in fact."

"Sorry." The tears wouldn't stop.

"You all right?" He put his arm around her shoulder. Hugged her close. He gave her an endearing kiss on the forehead. "It couldn't have been that bad, could it? You've done nothing wrong for the longest time in Mr. Owen's class. Has he been on to you, again?"

She shook her head, no. She bit her upper lip.

"Then it could be only one other," sighed Ian.

She raked the tears from her eyes. "I hate him." She said in a low voice.

"I hate him too!" Ian shouted to the playground. "Shall we have a 'I HATE NEWT CLUB'?"

She laughed a bit. Lauren finally smiled.

"Then we'll do it. You can be president. I'll be vice president and treasure, obviously." He stroked her mess of curls as they walked home together. She felt better now with his encouragement.

"Hey," he remembered something. "Where is my head? We have us a gig? A bloody playing gig?" He smiled.

"What?" She wasn't ready for this. She hardly knew the words to the songs he wanted her to sing. He'd told her if Will Smith's wife could handle a heavy metal rock band, then she could follow in her footsteps.

"Yeah, Laleh's having her sweet sixteen party. She wants us to play." He lift Lauren up then as if he were dancing with her.

"You don't mean it." She said once her feet landed on the ground.

"Seriously, yeah. She wants us." Ian touched her chin then. "It'll be brilliant. It will. We'll show them. We'll be like the White Stripes."

"I'm black, " she shrugged. "Have you forgotten?"

"Absolutely." He laughed. He swung her around again. "You, are Lauren Valentine. And that's all that matters."

She smiled. Why was he so easy to believe? Why couldn't anyone else see how beautiful he really was?

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