Thursday, March 6, 2008

just a thought

Sasha thought she might lose it completely when she saw Rhys at the coffee shop. It didn't seem real to her. She really wasn't sure how to take him.

What on earth was he doing here?

She had a life now with Gaspard. And she felt lucky to have it. There were just losers in Hollyoaks as far as she was concerned. Her druggie boyfriend Fletch who she'd done her best to give him the benefit of the doubt for so long.

Then there was Calvin, her brother. Who she absolutely hated now. No way was she going back. It just wasn't workable. She wanted to forget most of Hollyoaks. It was so easy to do. Especially, with Gaspard around.

But this. Rhys showing up as if he were saving the day. Or was it, she was saving him from something? Highly unlikely. He'd always be a player in her book. But just the same, she had a soft spot for him.

"What has gotten in to you?" They'd gone on the fast rides at the carnival first. And then he decided to win her a teddy bear at the dart game even though he didn't have too.

"Don't waste your cash on me." Really, it would look quite silly to come home with a teddy bear. She'd have to give it to Gaspard's sister. After all, she was the one who owned the flat. She was in gratitude still that his twenty-something year old sister would let her stay with them.

"I just want a laugh, that's all." Rhys shrugged off any indication about what was going about him at home.

"I wish you'd just speak your mind." She held him back from playing another silly game to lose money on. Instead she made him buy her cotton candy.

"What?" He was silly as ever, dancing about without a care in the world, but she knew better.

"Is it Mercedes? Has anything happened?" She cringed to think there might be a baby on the way. Surely, Rhys was smarter than the average bloke with Mercedes.

"Bloody hell, whats this investigation about? We're here to have fun, not to dwell on mistakes." He scrunch his nose with a grimace.

"So you're saying it was a mistake now?" She stared at him and decided to pop some pink cotton candy in his mouth before he could answer.

"Do I go about this whole Fletch fiasco with you?" He gave her a dead stare.

"I can make up my mind on my own about such matters." She wished he'd left Fletch out of it. Sasha had left Fletch cold without a word. It was better that way.

"And how is Josh?" She wanted to change the subject.

"My brother, Josh?" He squinted. "He's just different."

"Don't taunt him about it." She remembered he was happy.

"Don't taunt him about what? Do you know something I should?" He frowned.

"No. I didn't mean anything of it. I think he's better, thats all. And you should be happy for him." She shrugged it off. She definitely didn't want to out him.

"What are you going on about?" She popped more cotton candy in his mouth.

"Nothing," she told him. "I don't know what its about, but whatever it is, I can tell its a good thing. Just let it go. Let him have his peace, Rhys."

"I think you know something." He stopped in his tracks on the boardwalk.

"I don't." Sasha squinted.

"You have a secret, and you won't tell me." Rhys stared at her seriously.

"Can we forget Josh. You need to worry about you. Josh is happy. Its you who isn't." She gave him more cotton candy then ate some herself.

"I guess. Maybe its not meant to be. Maybe I'm just like my father. And they turned out badly." He shook his head, no.

"Stop it. Now you can't bring yourself down like a house of cards. You have way to much fun in life, and you know it." She sighed. "You have to think of yourself for a change. "

"What?" He seemed sad now. Too sad to be Rhys.

"What about your music. You know you love it. You have to find that love." She then had a idea.

"How about you come back to the flat with me. You could met Gaspard's sister." She smiled tossing the rest of the cotton candy in the trash.

"The Frenchie has a sister?" He squinted.

"She has a name, Francesca." Sasha knew she's make him smile soon.

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