Friday, March 14, 2008

in an empty house

Kieron kept texting John Paul in the late hours of the morning. But nothing. He felt shattered now. Devastated. Why hadn't he been there when he awoke? Everything felt all right in his book.

What was John Paul thinking?

He didn't even want to get dressed, but he did. He finally decided it was best to go on as best he could, put the kettle on and at least go through the motions.

But he found Niall Rafferty in the kitchen which was a bit of a shock to Kieron. Who had let him in?

"I promised I'd look after things." Niall was quite cordial. He already had tea waiting for him along with some sweet cakes. "We all know how busy you are, Father. I promised Myra I'd look after you." He smiled sweetly. "Who knows, maybe you'll need a haircut or even a shave. I can do that, right now if you wish."

Kieron wasn't sure what he was walking into, a scene from Sweeney Todd?

"I'll think about it." He went to his tea then and hoped it wasn't tainted. After all, he was just the village priest. He really didn't have any qualms with Niall. "I'm sure the MacQueens appreciate all this attentiveness, but I do very well on my own."

"Of course." Niall said while cleaning up the dishes and getting Kieron's laundry in the dryer. "Your work must be fascinating."

"Fascinating? Never heard it quite described that way. Satisfying." Kieron nodded as he sipped his tea and broke a sweet to eat. "Why don't you take a break? Come and join me."

"I couldn't." Niall backed away to clean the counter. "But I could give you a trim if you like. We wouldn't want our Father to look shabby now would we?"

Niall had talked him into it. "Why not. Today is as good as any." Honestly, he felt like shit and an ass already with John Paul. He didn't want to ruin the image, now did he?

"Thank you, Father." Niall nodded with a smile. "It a privilege and an honor to serve you."

Niall's enthusiasm nausated Kieron as he finished up his tea and managed a bite or two of the sweet.

"And where do you want me?" For a moment Kieron hoped there wasn't a certain ritual involved in giving a priest a trim.

"Right as you are, Father." Niall pointed for him to stay put in his chair, "Just let me get my things. I want them sharp, you know."

He watched Niall sharpen his silver blade the old fashioned way. Honestly, he felt a little trapped with a white bed sheet tied around his neck. Was his imagination over reacting? It was just a trim and a shave, wasn't it?

Niall got out his trimming scissors and went right away to work his bangs. "You're a might tense there, Father." Niall sort of laughed.

"Its been an intense last few days," Kieron sighed.

"Of course," Niall said, but laid the scissors down this time and began to message Kieron's shoulders.

Kieron slowly let himself relax. Niall honestly had some amazing skills when it came to a message. Kieron thought he might drop off asleep.

The next thing he knew Niall was lathering his face up for a shave. Kieron could hardly keep his eyes open. He fought to stay awake, but the harsh menthol fragrance made his eyes heavy with sleep . Niall stood behind him and held his head up by his chin and began to rake the razor against his cheek.

Kieron held his breath. It was a close shave or possibly a near death experience. Kieron couldn't decide because his eyes kept closing.

"There," Niall said. "Better?" He took a warm cloth and put over Kieron's face. It smelled of mint and something else. Stronger. So Strong that Kieron's face felt tingly, yet he felt very drunk.

"Oh, it will be better," said Niall. Kieron stared into Niall's face then and notice his odd teeth. "It'll be much better while I'm around."

Niall's fingers came around Kieron's throat. Niall's grip tightened so tight that Kieron struggled for air. He then let go and kissed Kieron.

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