Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm pushing on buttons

give me a reason
send me a postcard
tell me a story
why are you so far
i'm cramming for nothing
i'm pushing on buttons
tell me why
you're fooling no one

It was hopeless. Beth would be all over him if he'd let her. And maybe Rhys had. He didn't want to think about it. He wanted a way out. He needed some sort of comfort zone. And it really wasn't in this place he called home.

Josh was no where to be found, either. And he would be the key to finding Sasha. He needed to speak to her. He needed to know where she'd gone.

He wasn't foolish enough to call her place or run into Calvin and ask. It would be so not him. He didn't do things like that. But he wanted to when it came to Sasha. And he'd had no luck in passing conversation with Josh who seemed to be swallowed up by something more or less love, he supposed.

Finally, he heard Josh in the shower that late morning while Beth was off with Gilly doing Gilly things. It all seemed right silly when he thought about it.

Rhys scavenged Josh's room for his cell. Perhaps Sasha's number was on his contact list. But it was a mess. Code perhaps. He finally hit something and got the phone to ring, only a man's voice answered.

A lump rose in Rhys voice. He couldn't speak. There was a silence. "Who in the hell is this?" Rhys eyes opened wide. What sort of trouble was his little brother into now? Dope? Gambling, perhaps?

The phone went dial tone.

Rhys snapped the phone shut when he heard Josh coming out of the shower. Josh opened his door just with his towel wrapped around him still dripping wet.

Rhys saw the love marks on Josh's chest then. And even lower. Rhys laughed, "So I see someone is occupying my brother's time." Rhys pointed with a laugh.

"What are you doing with my cell?" Josh squinted. "What business is it of yours, anyhow?"

"Well, someone has to look after you." Rhys shrugged with a silly smile.

"Give it back." Josh reached for his cell.

"Not until you give me Sasha's number?" Rhys demanded.

"What on earth for?"

"I need to contact her." Rhys was dead serious, "Unless you'd rather give her a message for me through a snog or something."

"She's my mate. We're mates. That's all!" Josh shouted. "I want my cell, now!"

"Why so nervous?" Rhys kept the cell near him. "Whats going on? Do you have boyfriend?" He taunted.

"No. Just give me some privacy. Will you? I don't give you the third degree, do I?" Josh held on to the fluffy blue towel and reached for the phone with his other hand. He jabbed Rhys in the arm while they struggled.

"Ow!" Rhys backed away. "Just tell me where she is. Give me an address. Something. I need to see Sasha."

"You said you only wanted to call her." Josh reminded him.

"I know, but what if she won't take them? You better tell me where she is." He was being realistic. She was a good one to give him the cold shoulder when she wanted, too.

"If you'll give me time to get changed, I'll write it down." Josh put his hand out. Rhys, reluctantly, gave him the phone.

"Promise?" Rhys stared at his brother.

"Promise." Josh stashed his phone in his underwear drawer. "Now go away!"

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Shenell Keanna said...

I liked this one. I guess I'm a sucker when authors or the characters explain their thoughts, rather than constantly talking.


P.S You type don't you because.