Wednesday, March 5, 2008

how's it gonna be

Maybe he was letting his guard down when it came to Freddie. Josh couldn't decide which would be worse as of late. Being caught by Rhys or Spike.

Definitely Rhys. He'd never hear the end of it. "But what would Spike think?" That was Freddie's concern.

"You think it would hurt his feelings?" Josh pondered over a bottle of ale down at the Black Cat.

"Not exactly, he can be brick when it comes to feelings," sighed Freddie. "Its the age. That's the issue. He'll be furious with me. He'll say you're just a school boy."

"You're not some old dodger, you know," squinted Josh. "I'm old enough. And you're barely twenty. What's the big deal?"

"He'll say I rushed into it, with you." Freddie drank at his beer then.

"I'll give him hell about it if he gets into it with you." Josh nodded.

"I'm sure you're one to be reckoning with if it does come to that." Freddie put down his drink when he saw Spike walking in with Nathan.

"Are you two inseparable?" Spike mocked when he came over to their table.

"I could say you're having a hell of a time with my ex," Freddie smiled.

"Does that really bother you, even?" Spike looked at Freddie then Josh.

"Actually, it doesn't." Freddie got up then and said he'd buy everyone a round of drinks.

Spike stared at Josh, "I guess you could have done worse." He then said and pulled up a chair.

Josh smiled, but he wasn't sure what to say. He really wanted to leave it alone. He was actually thankful to see John Paul walk in. Josh waved.

"By God, you just get along with everyone, no dont'cha, mate." Spike got up then and said he'd take his chances at the fruit machine. Maybe he'd have better luck.

Josh saw that John Paul was with Molly's brother from across the hall. They were about to play pool.

"You think we could all be friends?" Josh then asked Freddie when he got back with the bottles of ale.

"If we drank enough, why not," laughed Freddie.

"So you think Spike will give you the third degree?" Josh wondered.

"Not now, he's might steamed how things ended with John Paul. I think he's just been killing time with everyone he's ever met since John Paul."

"That's just horrible." Josh shook his head, no.

"Its just his way of protecting himself. Even from Nate." Freddie told Josh.

"I'd never want that to happen to me. Never. " Josh kept shaking his head, no. "I'd never let myself become that way."

"No, no..." Spike argued. By the sounds of it, Spike's luck didn't change at the fruit machine. He smacked it with his fist, then kicked it. He looked over at John Paul who was telling Quintin a joke of some kind while Quintin took a shot.

Josh looked over at Freddie. This didn't look good from the dead stare that Spike was giving John Paul.

Spike came up said something snide. John Paul turned and Spike gave John Paul a shove and the next thing they saw was John Paul shoving back. Before a crowd could gather around to see a fist fight, a bartender separated them and gave them a warning. They'd be barred from the pub if they kept this up.

Spike walked out in an angry stride.

"You think, we should see about him?" Josh asked.

"No, let Nate take care him." Freddie looked at John Paul who wasn't exactly in the mood to play pool anymore.

Of course, Nate came by the table to get their bottles. "Can't let this go to waste, now can I?" He took off after Spike.

Freddie then waved John Paul and Quintin over. Told Josh to get some more drinks.

John Paul looked pissed, but he didn't have a busted lip or anything. "What the hell was that about?"

"He's just trying to get you back, mate." Freddie said.

"Yeah, long time coming, evidently." John Paul drank his beer as soon as Josh got it to him.

"No, he's trying to win you back." Freddie grinned.

"Win? With a sucker punch?" John Paul laughed. Quintin gave him a pat on the back.

"I never figured you for a sucker." Freddie drank at his beer.

"Damn straight. He might as well get use to me being around." John Paul nodded.

"Yeah, JP's moving in with me." Quintin nodded.

Josh set back in his chair and took a drink from the beer bottle. It just didn't seem fair to him. When would he be able to move in with Freddie?

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