Saturday, March 1, 2008

hanging out

Josh was still laughing about the Kris incident with Freddie. It was so hilarious. He had lager running up then down his nose when he thought about it some time later while they watched TV at Freddie's.

Freddie was playing it cool. Just in case Nathan and Spike walked in.

"Shut up." Freddie gave him a playful nudge. Josh pushed him back and before he knew it, Freddie was tickling him. "It never happened."

"But Kris thinks it happened." Josh giggled.

"Not in a million years. I have all I need right here on this couch." He put his arm around Josh's neck who was still trying to wipe his face clean. He leaned his chin on Freddie's forearm. He was very comfortable now. He wished it was just the two of them who lived here.

Freddie breathed in his ear and Josh sighed. He could get use to this. He almost reached for a kiss, but someone was unlocking the door.

"Christ! Why all locked up!" Spike shouted.

"How was I to know how long you'd be out!" Freddie jumped up and Josh leaned on the couch as if he was staring at the TV.

"For fucks sake, can't I get into my own place without thinking I've got to unlock every single lock on this door." He grumbled but went back to eating something chocolate.

"Where did that come from?" Freddie pointed to the brownie.

"Molly, she left them outside her door. Free for all, I take it." He chewed.

"Spit that out right now!" Freddie pointed to the brownie. "You don't want to know whats in them."

"I think I already know what's in them." He laughed.

"They're disgusting." Josh made a grimace.

"They're really not that bad, now are they, Nate?" Nathan was stumbling out in the hallway.

"What have you two been up too?" Freddie squinted.

"Lets see, first we looked at automobiles we could never afford. Then we went to a pub. After that we met some fellows and went to a club. ..." Nathan started.

"Then we went back to the pub." Spike belched.

Nathan yawned. Then Spike gave in and had one too.

"Come on, come along," Spike grabbed Nathan by the collar who yawned again. "We are so getting too old for this shit."

"You'll feel better tomorrow." Freddie nodded then looked at Josh.

"Or the day after that." Spike put his arm around Nathan. Josh wasn't sure who was more drunk. Those two went to Spike's room.

"You think they're OK?" Josh watched Spike close the door behind him.

"If anything happens, they won't remember." Freddie smiled then and looked at Josh. "They really should get drunk more often." He pulled Josh in and kissed him.

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