Thursday, March 6, 2008


Kieron kept waiting for John Paul to come home. He hadn't. A part of him was ill over the matter. He hadn't the courage to eat any of Myra's fattening dishes.

He thought he might throw up. He couldn't remember the last time something like this had happen. He was never sick. In spite of all the junk Myra fed him.

"Oh, you look a might green their, Father." It didn't help to have Myra making over him, either.

Carmel had had words with her mother, and he thought it had something to do with John Paul, but it didn't. No one seemed to care where John Paul had gone off too.

"Has he called, at least?" Kieron couldn't focus on reading. Least of all a sermon. He'd tried his best to surround himself with John Paul's things in his room. He worried about John Paul more. About the way they'd left things at the lake.

"He's a fit young man, he can take care of himself." Myra's very words which weren't much comfort to Kieron.

"You'll let me know how he is if you hear from him." Kieron thought of leaving John Paul a long letter, but he knew that might be a little conspicuous. And lord knows, who might find it in this family to exploit.

"He'll be calling you before he will me." She'd evidently given up on the lad.

"You think?" That was a slight comfort, but he didn't have faith in it.

"Absolutely. You're a father figure to him after all," she giggled. "Father."

That wiped any thought of a smile Kieron had coming to him. He wished they were still on holiday. He wished it was just the two of them. Why had Kieron brought up a ghost from his past? Everything had happened so beautifully, until the end.

The day lingered on for Kieron. And then the livingroom door opened. It was John Paul and he wasn't alone. Kieron cringed when he saw the bloke with wavy golden hair. He knew what John Paul was trying to do.

He said nothing but left for his room. He wasn't one for screaming matches. Especially, Myra's.

He prayed. That was all there was left to do. He had no idea how to fix this. But he hoped John Paul would at least stay another night.

Finally, after everything was calm. John Paul had said his peace. Myra screamed just a little more about how ungrateful the lad was and so on. Then he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. John Paul's footsteps.

Kieron waited. Hoping he'd knock on his door. Something. Nothing. The anticipation was gripping him.

He prayed that John Paul would be back for something he'd left behind. He prayed in Latin too, just to be on the safe side.

Finally, a knock came. Kieron hoped it was him. He wanted it to be John Paul.

John Paul opened the door. At least he was alone.

"I..I'm sorry." He could see John Paul was at a loss for words. He was too.

"Come in. Please come in." He pulled him in. Kieron wanted John Paul to stay. Stay in the middle of the room so he could gaze upon him. Have a good long look. At least.

"I need some of my records, you know. I didn't have anywhere to keep them, but here." His voice was soft.

"Of course, its your room after all...." Kieron's voice trailed off. Then he stopped and watched John Paul go into to his wardrobe. Kieron followed. "You don't have to leave. John Paul, you really shouldn't have to."

"But I do. You know why, I have too." John Paul turned.

"No," Kieron shook his head, no. "I don't know why." He pushed his fingers back through his hair. He was beginning to feel dizzy. Dizzy with the delight that John Paul was there within arms grasp.

Kieron gave John Paul a slight push. Kieron got in the wardrobe with him and shut the door. They were in the dark and Kieron's fingers felt up John Paul's body to his face. He kissed his lips madly. And John Paul frenched him hard, then softly as things progressed in the darkness. Kieron's body throbbed as he felt John Paul go down on him.

This couldn't mean goodbye. It couldn't be good bye. But in the rapture of things, there were the sounds of sirens, loud voices. Screams from Myra downstairs.

It didn't matter. Kieron couldn't let this thing go with John Paul just yet. They pressed on. Gravity was keeping them together in the midst of chaos down stairs.

They were in their own little world behind closed doors in the dark. Finally all was calm. No one stirred. John Paul finally pulled the light cord on.

"Huh, I forgot about their being a light in here." John Paul grinned.

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