Sunday, March 9, 2008

Freddie's girlfriend

Josh hated to bring it up. But it was on his mind, and if he couldn't be quite honest about what went on between Freddie and him, then what good was it to call it a relationship.

"Does this mean, I'm the girlfriend?" Josh put it quite bluntly. They'd been in a dart game down at the Black Cat. And it wouldn't be long till Freddie had to run off to his real job at the strip club.

"What? Girlfriend? Who've you been talking too?" Freddie grabbed a beer from Josh.

"No one." Actually, he'd been looking up a good bit of information on the Internet. Not sure if he could believe any thing on wikipedia, but still, from what he'd gathered.... he was the girlfriend. "Its just you won't let me-"

"In good time, mate. In good time, it'll work its self out." Freddie evidently didn't want to talk about it.

"So its true then, I'm the girlfriend?" He had butterflies in his stomach.

"Is it quite that awful?" Freddie pulled at his beer then.


"Then whats wrong?" shrugged Freddie.

"I want you to be the girlfriend." Was he being an arse about this? Frankly, the arse was involved in most cases along with other body parts. Precisely the knob. But was this the way it was suppose to be? All the time.

Josh saw beer burst out of Freddie's nose.

"Whats the matter?" Josh thought it was funny. Was this funny?

Freddie choked. He had to go to the loo. Josh followed.

"I don't get it." Josh pulled his finger through his hair while Freddie was in the stall.

"I..dunno know. I'm not sure what to say. Soon. Soon. All right." Freddie said quietly. It was awful quiet.

Josh almost decided Freddie must be taking a shit. It didn't smell or anything. Finally the door unlatched.

Freddie pulled him in by the collar. He kissed him, plowing him into the side of the stall. "I really wish you wouldn't talk about it." Freddie murmured.

"I promise." Josh felt a chill. He hadn't meant to make Freddie angry. Maybe he hadn't as Freddie found just how excited he was. Yes, there were things Freddie obviously did for him. And he didn't mind doing them in the loo, either.

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