Saturday, March 15, 2008

finding time

Hannah scrubbed down the kitchen while Nancy napped. Hannah knew Nancy needed a good rest. Things were particularly hairy when it came to Jake, lately.

Hannah was sure it would work out in the end. Nancy would get Charlie, and Hannah would move in. Simple plan. No one needed to know the real reason why.

She'd come over and clean up the place. Or so she told her mother this. What would she really think if she knew why she was here. It was more than just comforting Nancy.

When would things change? When would it stop being a secret? Would it always be this way?

Maybe Nancy was right. Just lay low. But usually Nancy was the one who fought for rights like this. Rights for them to be themselves. But now she fought for Charlie, and it was really taking a toll on her.

Hannah got the last of the towels put away in the bathroom. Her bones ached and she couldn't resist the clean tub. She deserved a hot bubble bath. It would give her time to think about all this with being over Danny and of course, Nancy.

She drew a bath. It was she who had caught herself up in all of this with Nancy. She was like a bad habit now. She couldn't stop thinking about her. What if Nancy shut her off completely? She knew she had done the same to Nancy in the past. But now it was different. Or was it?

She got in the tub of bubbles, leaned back against the tub and emerged herself under the bubbles. She held her breath for sometime, just thinking of how Nancy touched her. Could she cry underwater? She wanted too.

She heard something then. Quickly, she jerked herself up. There was Nancy who squealed.

"Shit, scare me completely, why don't you?" Nancy smiled. "Why didn't you tell me you were here."

"You need your rest, Nancy." As always, Hannah thought of the baby. Possibly more than Nancy did.

Nancy disrobed and got into the water.

"Not when you're around." Nancy nuzzled next to her then. The bath was perfect for the both of them. Her fingers played with Hannah's nipples, and she slowly frenched Hannah's mouth. Nancy's hand went lower, resting on Hannah where she most wanted Nancy's touch.

They kissed intently. It was easy to give in to Nancy.

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