Thursday, March 6, 2008

even geniuses get the blues

It was really Will/Jeremy's outburst that really did them in at the end. Yes, Jeremy got the boot at the boarding house. Of course, Sarah had a few things to say to the old cow, as well. But it didn't matter. They were both left on the street. The only place Jeremy knew to go was the library.

Jeremy awoke first from the couch in the lounge at the library. He had his arms wrapped around Sarah the rest of the night to keep warm. She was still out cold.

His body ached, and he hadn't felt this dis-shelved since his days at the nut house, so to speak. He could hardly rub the sleep from his eyes. He was dizzy, and had no idea what to do. He knew he couldn't go back to the boarding house. And he couldn't exactly live at the library, either.

He stretched his arms, and tried to get the kinks out of his neck the best he could. Jeremy went to make coffee. He stood for the longest time with his eyes closed. This really wasn't what he'd anticipated. Was he going to have leave? What if they found him out?

Maybe it was time to give up. Zoe wasn't worth it, was she? She was with Sarah's father. That made him sick alone. But not sick enough to want her back. Possibly she was the one who needed to be sent away. After all, he was keeping this library going. People were actually using the facility. He'd made updates to the computer system. People really wanted him to be here. No, it would be so wrong to give up a calling he never knew he'd feel so comfortable pretending.

What was he going to do?

"We'll find us a place of our own." First words to come out of Sarah's mouth when she awoke.

He handed her coffee and doubted she'd remember last night.

"I wasn't that intoxicated." She fretted.

"Of course, not. You certainly know how to hold your liquor." He sighed.

"I have money, you know." She told him about her modeling gigs. She had been saving up. And it was best she used that money before her Dad got a hold of it.

"I've got a little saved up." He'd been a miser since working at the library. He didn't have Mummie and Daddy's huge bank account to back him up anymore. It wasn't until now that he missed those days.

He wanted to believe her. It was a nice dream. Their own flat.

"You really don't have too?" This was quite a risk. For starters, who moved in together on their first drink? It was hardly a date. It didn't seem proper at all.

"No, babe, listen to me." She put down her coffee and grabbed both his hands. "This is the perfect opportunity. I can't stand living at home another second, and you need a place to live without some old cow counting the minutes you're in the loo."

"All right." He sighed. "But at least let me help you."

"Fair enough." She nodded. "I'll make a few calls. See whats available. Hopefully, we won't have to spend another night in the library."

"We might have too." He squinted.

"Don't be such a pessimist." She kissed him.

He closed his eyes. He hoped she was right. He hoped they could find something wonderful, just like the sound of her voice, but he wasn't counting on it.