Monday, March 10, 2008

essential shopping

It was more apparent to Will as the day wore on that he was now Jeremy. He might never be his old self again. And he knew Sarah really wanted to strike it out on her own. But was he there just for a little extra support? He supposed.

They found a mattress sale after he called in ill so they could go shopping in the afternoon. It felt a little strange to be walking through rows and rows of mattresses seeing customers lay about as if it might be a leisure place to take a nap.

"Isn't it grand?" She was all smiles and plopped herself right away on a thick mattress. "Come on, take the challenge." She laid back as if she might go into dreamland.

Jeremy hesitated. He'd never done such a thing, but he supposed if they were buying a mattress it was a lot like trying on shoes. You had to find the right one that would fit. Except it was for the two of them so this might take some time.

"Bollocks." Sarah fretted. "This is a might to harsh, don't you think?"

"Maybe thats why its on sale." He was a cynic when it came to bargains.

"Come on, lets try another," She said jerking herself up and going to the next one. Jeremy did the same. Although, he wasn't sure what the correct protocol might be. It wasn't exactly a bingo game or musical beds.

This one was firm, yet sponge-like that formed around the body. Sarah was quiet. Jeremy figured this one might be the one. But she pointed across from them. A woman was actually asleep.

She giggled. He smiled. He really could go to sleep on the mattress, but every little move made him jump.

"What's wrong?" She turned to her side and looked at him.

"Nothing. Why should anything be wrong?' He blinked his eyes wide as if he might not see what she was seeing or perhaps someone. Maybe they'd meet up with Old man Barnes and Zoe. Perhaps Barnes and Zoe needed a new mattress, too. It was endless, the panic in his head.

"You think this is all moving so fast, don't you?" She stared at him.

"No, of course not." He lied.

"I don't believe you, Jeremy." She smiled at him. "You don't seem much of a risk taker, you know."

"You bring it out in me." He smiled back. She gave him a quick kiss as if she understood.

"Wish there weren't so many people around." She looked sleepily. "A shag would be quite nice, huh?" She laughed softly. "You know, for all purposes in buying a bed, of course."

She moved closer. He pulled her face toward his and they began to snog. Snog as if their life depended it on it. And for a moment Jeremy actually forgot why they were here at the bed store. It just didn't seem possible to get enough of her. And it put them both in a deep sleep.

The next thing he knew, the store police surrounded them. "Break it up! Break it up!"

"But sir, we're just newlyweds," Sarah squinted up to the store owner.

Jeremy smiled. She was such a beautiful liar. He could feel it coming. She had a deal in the works. She'd find a way to pay half price for a bed , a bed they might never find real bedding anytime soon.

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