Monday, March 24, 2008

escaping the boredom

Has the woman gone off her rocker? Freddie hated these sort of neighborhood things. He only hoped Spike didn't get it in his head to have one of these. Freddie might lose it if Sarah came over to their flat for the evening. No telling when she might leave.

Honestly, all he wanted was to get away with Josh. They hadn't had much down time lately, and he did truly ache for him. He missed his touch and so much wanted to be in his room with Josh tucked away from this disgusting party.

He kept cramming his mouth with fruit. The dips looked disgusting. At least there was lager to be had, and he kept drinking so he wouldn't have to say so much.

It didn't help much by the way Molly had invited herself in. The looks she gave him made him physically ill. If that wasn't enough, Josh had brought along a co-worker, Simon.

This cut into his heart the most. Simon was quite pretty in spite of those harsh black rimmed glasses he wore. Why did he need to be here? Simon kept reading on the couch as it was, anyway. Freddie hope Josh found him quite boring. He had to be boring. Boring. He found himself praying that Simon was boring and that Josh had nothing in common with him.

As it was, Freddie and Josh could barely have a conversation without having Sarah nor Molly butt in. This really wasn't Freddie's likening.

Finally, he managed his way to the restroom. Luckily, Josh got his signal and followed him. It was the only bit of piece he had at this fiasco.

Instead of talking, they reach for each others lips as if this was the only fix they might have for the weekend. Freddie felt down Josh's buttocks. He so much wanted to jerk off Josh's shirt. Freddie felt his heart pump. If they'd gone a second more with their snogging, he might would have done him among the floral decor on the bathroom sink.

But as it was, they finally broke free. "You have to come back tonight. You have too." Freddie whispered. Josh shook his head, yes.


Shenell Keanna said...

Haha!That means more THINKING!
Nico looks better when he is not talking, at all.
I'm awkward.
But,yeah,I never understood the video. but yeah I used "Hollyoaks" and rubbish in my chapter.
Talk to you later.Oh, yeah, I read the TCFANFIC, when of your best work, so far. Very descriptive and let readers go inside the mind of Trace Cyrus.

just Ivy said...

You're so encouraging. Thanks. Its just trying to find a story. Obviously, Trace makes a great character. But then I try to consider trends, storylines, band slash fiction, the songs....hopefully, I can see it through without making a few people furious with me.

just Ivy said...

Although, Hollyoaks is so much more fun to write..

Shenell Keanna said...

I'm glad I make
you um, so encouraged =/
But, you're welcome.
and your comments always make
feel privelged! To be a writer, I mean. And from reading your wokr it opens my mind more and shows me that I shouldn't be afraid of what I write or what people think of it. Maybe that is why my sixth grade teacher told my mom "she doesn't write like other sixth graders, do". and it is true, i don't. and that is something unique about me. except that i'm awfully always daydreaming, very random and have the tendency to write very long comments/messages to people [like this one]. I hope we meet some day, in the author world. =]

Steve Middleton said...

A reply to your comment on my blog just left there.....