Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the doorbell

Kieron heard the doorbell. He stared into Niall's intense eyes. Luckily, Niall let go and Kieron plopped down on the couch saying nothing. His throat hurt to speak. He blinked. He was so sleepy. He wasn't sure if he could fight to stay awake.

Kris was at the door.

"Was the Father expecting you?" Niall looked at Kris sternly.

"Duh, of course." Kris strutted past Niall and went over to Kieron. "I'm always expected."

Kieron fought to stay awake as he looked up at Kris.

"Well, what have you done to him, Niall?" Kris pressed.

"Nothing, he's been under the weather ever since John Paul left, I suppose." Niall shrugged.

Kieron was in a fog. He could barely understand either of them.

"Maybe its the flu." Kris made a scawl. "Can't touch this." But he plopped himself down next to Kieron anyway.

"This isn't about the radio show." Kris went on to say.

Kieron half nodded as if he were normal.

"I'm in a bit of a fix." Kris kept staring at him as if Kieron had the answers to life tucked away in his brain. "I'm in a love and I don't know where to find him. I have no idea where he went too. Could you pray for me."

Kieron choked for a voice. Nothing.

"You don't have to strain yourself over the matter. Just a few words for me wouldn't worsen the problem, you think?" He had his hands on Kieron's arm then. "I'd ever be so grateful. I hope you don't think I'm being a prat of some kind. I swear I'd completely turn over a new leaf if ever this love of my life would take me."

Kieron just nodded. Wishing he could possible ask him about John Paul, but it wasn't happening. He breathed in sleep instead.

"Help me up to his room, I think if he sleeps it off he'll be fine." Niall suggested then.

Things were even more foggy now as the two of them helped Kieron up the stairs. They got him on the bed and Niall took off his shoes.

Kieron thought he whispered in Kris' ear, "Help me."

Instead, Kris patted his head and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Night night, there Father."

"He wouldn't be a lush of some kind, now would he, Niall?"

"The Father, of course not." Niall shook his head, no. "Just let him sleep, will you?"

"Fine." Kris shrugged. His job was done here.

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