Thursday, March 6, 2008

did some one say job

He thought by now he had Frankie wrapped around his little finger. Things were good at home. Or so Newt thought. He seemed to be at an understanding with his foster mother.

But she was asking far too many questions lately about his where about after school.

"Shh...its a secret." He whispered into a giggle while he was trying her brownies. Which were actually worth eating for the first time, or maybe it was Laleh working up his appetite after those extra curricular activities with her.

"Don't joke with me, young man." She was stern. She was a hard one to crack, sometimes.

"The library, of course." He was serious then as he bit into a gooey chocolate chip brownie.

"If you love it so much, deary, why not get yourself a job there?"

"A job?" Was she kidding? "What could they possibly need me for?"

"Putting away books, silly."

"Put away books?" Sounded like hard labor to him.

"You might like it. Here they have an opening." She was cleaning the kitchen while she told him this.

"Really? Are you sure I'd actually like it?" He cringed. How could he get by with out his Laleh time?

"You should apply. Today." She ran water over some suds in the sink. "Or you could help me make dinner."

"No thanks." He sighed. He guess he'd have to, now. "All right. I'll do it."

"Except? Will there be exceptions?" Frankie put her hands on her hips.

"I can't really read, remember?" He stared at her as if she were a nutter.

"Don't be daft. We know you've got marbles in there." She pointed to his head. "Just do it."

"Yeah, next thing I know, there's an article about me in the village paper... about an illiterate on the road to recovery. He used his library." He rolled his eyes as he got ready to go to the library as she'd asked.

"Exactly, now you show'm Newt."

Newt gave her a shameless grin and went on his way. They wouldn't hire him. Nobody would hire Barry Newton.

And he kept saying it over and over to himself. Even while he was filling out the application. Yes, he was Barry Newton, but Jeremy knew to call him Newt.

"Well, do want it?" Jeremy stared at the application, then Newt.

"About as much as broccoli and asparagus together." Newt scawled back.

"You know, no one else has applied. And I've had that in the paper for weeks now."

"We're a might lazy bunch here in the village." Newt nodded.

"Don't guess that wiccan friend of yours would care to join you, now would she?" Jeremy smiled.

"I haven't a clue what you're going on about."

"Just thought you might want a nice working atmosphere. The pay isn't great, but it'll be enough to satisfy you if you don't have a huge mobile bill." Jeremy clued him in on a few of the benefits. "Over dues waved. An absolute."

"I've never even checked out a book here." Newt didn't flinch.

"You can now. The job's yours, if you want it," Jeremy said.

"And you'd give Laleh one too?"

"Yes I would. She's a might competent lass."

"And a beauty too." Newt smiled.

"With brains."

"Well, she's hanging out with me so I'm not sure how brainy she is." He confessed.

"Get her down here. I can go over things with you two together. You can start tomorrow." Jeremy told him.

Newt was hoping they wouldn't start til next week. He guessed he better let Laleh know she had a job at the library.

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