Tuesday, March 4, 2008

a day away from Hollyoaks

Gilly wanted to know. Wanted to know what was going on with Rhys. Rhys had a laugh. "You don't want to know." Best he not know. This sort of thing could drive a bloke to insanity.

"I'm just going to be gone for a day, as if." What was it with these people wanting to know his where abouts? Couldn't he get away for a day, at least?

"You just don't seem right to me, for a long while now. Hooking up with Mercedes like that. Is that what this is all about?" Gilly followed him around as if he needed looking after.

"We're not attached to the hip, now are we?" Rhys needed to be alone, not a drink with his old friend down at the SU bar.

"No, but you use tell me everything." Gilly added.

"Well, there are some things better left unsaid, now aren't there?" Rhys eyed him, hoping Gilly couldn't see through him, shoving his hands in his pockets while Gilly paid for the bottles of lager.

"Indeed bloody not. You're a brother to me." Gilly handed over the bottle. "Look, is it a bird you're pulling-"

"Actually, well, its no business to you. Whatever it is." Rhys took a drink from the bottle. "Can you just let it go?"

"But you're going into the city alone. I could come with you," shrugged Gilly.

"I don't need protection. I need to be alone." Rhys was seriously thinking of leaving and never coming back. He finished his drink in silence and left for the train station.

He had a lot of time to think on the train. Thoughts of Beth filled his head. She just wanted to make him suffer for being with Mercedes. Well, didn't she get how he felt to see her with Gilly? Did that not matter to her?

But as he dozed off, Sasha came to mind. Sasha was in his dreams and for a second he thought she had set him free. Free of this mess in Hollyoaks.

When he awoke he almost forgot where he was. And it didn't help that he was horrible with directions. For a second he really wish he'd brought Josh along to guide him through the streets. At the rate he was going he'd never find her.

But then he remembered where they'd hung out before, close to the music shops and the park. He remembered a little bistro where he wished they'd had dinner, but they didn't. As he walked passed the bistro, he noticed the coffee bar. It was there he found Sasha working.

"What are you doing?" He took a seat at the counter.

"More than you, obviously." She was working with huge bowl cups of lattes and the like.

"I really wanted to give you a proper goodbye, you know." His lips twitched a devilish grin.

"Rhys Ashworth proper? Prat more like it." She went to clean some tables then.

"When will you be off?" He turned and saw her dancer legs from behind. It was a nice view. He had to admit.

"Half hour, I hope." She looked up to him.

"Might we see the city then?"

"I'll think about it." She sighed and put the dishes away. So he sat and enjoyed a frothy hot drink while she labored behind the counter.

"Don't you miss Hollyoaks?" He asked later when her shift of was over and she'd buttoned up her old suit jacket that looked like a sailor costume.

"Not really? What have I missed, anything smashing?" She gave him the cold shoulder.

"Calvin and your dad are all right with the move?" He squinted, slightly shivering, wishing he'd thought about this walkabout more seriously. It was cold in the city.

"I'm seventeen. They think I'm with Sonny." She looked back at him who wasn't walking as fast as she.

"You lied to them?"

"Why does this interest you? You've never asked about my Dad or Calvin before." She shook her head, no.

"What did Calvin really do to you?"

"He's just a brother like you're a brother. He thought he was looking out for me, it turned out badly, that's all." She stopped walking and hugged herself.

"Did he hurt you, Sasha?" Rhys grabbed her arm then.

"I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me." She frowned and shook her head, no.

"I feel awful that I wasn't there to help you." He put his arm around her, then. "You can talk to me, you know."

"Yeah, I know." She nudged away.

He took her hand then, "Come along. You need to smile today because we are off to a carnival. Some where around here. If I ever get my directions straight." He smiled. "That is if that boyfriend won't mind if two old mates can have some fun for a day without getting all jealous."

"Gaspard, he's training, footballer stuff," she said.

"Even better, he'll be too tired to remember what you even tell him after I'm finished with you." He laughed.

They headed toward the carnival just over the bridge. The Ferris wheel slowly spun in the distance.

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