Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the cat's meow

The Libertine absolutely hated ...hated Beth. Or so she said.

"He's just a kitten." How could she say his cat was wicked?

"His balls need to be removed." She put it quite bluntly.

"Ouch." Really, he couldn't think of such thing to do to his male cat. He was a might frisky and he did bite and claw, but it was all in good fun. Except when it came to Beth. The Libertine had left a gash on her forehead and attempted to claw her eye.

"Why do you keep him?" She insisted that he get rid of him, but he couldn't. He kept thinking of Sasha when the Libertine was around.

"He's rather therapeutic." Rhys shrugged. Silly, perhaps, but the cat did wonders for him when Beth was off with Gilly. He didn't feel quite so disgusted with himself when he thought how much they were betraying good old Gill. And perhaps themselves, as well.

"Rhys, what happened to you?" She questioned his where abouts as well, but he couldn't quite talk about his trip out of town. He'd hidden Francisca's hat in the bottom of his underwear drawer.

He hated being tied in knots, but thats what it was. He couldn't rid himself of Beth. Maybe they were soul-mates just like Mercedes said.

Still he took the Libertine in for a check up. Sure enough, he needed to be neutered. And for all the biting? His baby teeth hadn't came out yet. "We can take care of that too, during the operation."

"Operation?" Rhys really hated the thought of his cat, Sasha's cat going under. He called her immediately about the prognosis.

"Can you make it, next week, perhaps?"" He thought she'd want to be there. They could sit together as if their furry baby needed support.

"Of course," Sash replied back.

"Good." Rhys couldn't wait to see her, "And how's Francissica?"

"Fine." Rhys was hoping to hear more than just a word.

"I see." He couldn't help but go on and say, "Has she asked about me?"

"Yes, she's starting a website for your fan club as we speak." She joked.

"Shut it." He shook his head, no. "I just thought-"

"She has no time for a crush on you. She's actually helping people, Rhys."

"Sorry," Rhys said. "But you'll come with me for his appointment. all right?"

"Of course." That was all he could ask for. He might as well be in the Doldrums with Beth. It was such a fickle place to be stranded in.

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