Saturday, March 15, 2008

back to basics

A text from Sasha:

Sasha: Watch ur bck, j.

Josh: ?

Sasha: R mit b on 2 u.

That did nothing for Josh's morning but crush it.

Josh texted back: thnx.

Then he thought of something. Maybe he should forget Freddie. Not exactly. He couldn't. It would be impossible. But what if he had someone to cover for him. In case anyone outed him. Mum and Dad would take it twice as hard if they knew he was seeing a stripper, but somebody his own age. They might mellow to it. Possibly.

Josh texted back again to Sasha: kn simon?

Sasha: kind of like u.

Josh smiled. Then texted: U sure?

Sasha: maybe. ask him.

Josh cringed at the thought. She had to go to work. He had to get to school. He pulled his backpack up more on his shoulders and headed on his way.

Next person he bumped into was Newt who looked more pale than usual. Sleepy too.

"Hey," Josh nodded to him.

"Josh." He yawned.

"Up late revising?" Josh stared back at him as they walked together.

"Late, very late. Only I wasn't revising. I'm behind as usual." He shrugged.

"Doing what?"

"The usual." He nodded. Josh always found Newt to be a mystery.

"Um, would you be interested in exploring your Library skills?" Out of the blue, Newt asked.

"Maybe." Josh worked his Dad's shop, but he wouldn't mind branching out. Computers were more his style, but he could do manual labor if put to the task.

"See, I was suppose to ask someone, but uh, can't having her cramp my style. I'm suppose to shelve after school today. Come with me and I can talk this Jeremy guy into hiring you. I kind of have him wrapped around my the little finger. But not in a sexual way."

"Never thought about it. The library nor you sexually."

"Think about it. " Newt fought with his heavy back pack. Finally, he straightened himself out to hold it up on his back. "Its work. Nice enough hours. Quiet too." Newt walked on.

Josh smiled. Sweet. He'd check it out after school. He turned then and noticed Simon coming up from behind. He was in a kilt, today. Just his luck, Simon wasn't gay, but just a cross-dresser.

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