Tuesday, March 25, 2008

anywhere but here

When Kieron awoke, he was finally alone. He blanked out Niall.

He knew he could never speak of him even if he felt horribly violated. A part of him knew he should have called the police, but then he didn't know what he'd say.

He was ashamed, and unclear except for the emotion that it had happened. He just couldn't let anyone know what had really happened. It was vague to even himself. But he knew something had happened with Niall, and he hated himself that he hadn't stopped him.

There were no messages from John Paul. This hurt too. The only other person he knew left to call was Kris. Naturally, Kris was a chatterbox. Just listening to his silly voice made Kieron smile. He promised he'd be down at his radio show as soon as possible.

He couldn't let this phase him with Niall nor with even John Paul. After all, he was a priest. And a priest was suppose to help people. At least he could do that much down at the radio show.

But it took a lot of effort to get himself up and going. He feared Niall would be back. Perhaps he needed to be anywhere but here, yet this was where he'd been asked to stay. And he kept the faith that there had to be a reason that he was here.

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