Thursday, March 20, 2008

all in a days work

Newt felt lost in the library. There were just too many books. It was awful. Dusty too. It didn't give him time either, to press this issue with Lauren about the hickey. She was not giving him the time of day.

Suddenly, he felt tied down to work, and he didn't even know what he was doing. Yes, both Simon and Josh had taught him the good old Dewey Decimal system which might as well have been an ancient language to him. He had no time for it. Really.

Thankfully, he had those two to do most of the real work for him. He would go out for the book drops. It was the least he could do. Newt couldn't let Simon break a nail. As far as Newt was concerned, Simon was far to prissy to take seriously even if he was a knowledgeable fellow, he was a strange freak.

Newt hated that he felt this way. Perhaps scared that Simon might one day come on to him. More than once, Simon had to bring just about every gay book to him. "I'm checking this one out." And they were books about either being gay or the gay lifestyle.

"Whatever." Newt rolled his eyes. "Just don't make me read it."

Then there was Laleh who creeped around the shelves looking for him. She had her birthday party to plan. It was going to be amazing. "You're not invited, you know." She'd remind him.

"Splendid." He'd say, but he hated saying it. He really wanted to be there. He did. Although, he was suppose to be at work.

"Most of the footballers will be there." She assured him as if he'd get a rise out of that.

"More the merriment." He shrugged. He hated them all. How could she?

"Cecil's already asked me to go to a club with him in Chester." She pulled him in then.

"Are you?"

"I haven't decided." She shrugged.

They kissed like mad in the stacks. He had to think of a place they could go to be alone. There were just so many books around. He was still looking for a hidden room. There had to be one somewhere in this old library.

The best they could do was the custodian's closet for their snogfest. He did the best he could while working at the library.

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