Friday, February 15, 2008

spreading the joy

Did he see what he thought he saw in the park? It almost took him aback at the matter at hand. But no, Newt was on a mission. Plain and simple. He had the jar in his back pack, and he was taking it to the library.
No time to think about a lost big brother nor people who wanted him to change their lives. This had to be done before it was too far out of control.
He'd had enough with Becca's ghost. Yes, the first time with her was amazing and soul wrenching, but now he felt older inside. Far to old to be having to put up with the likes of Becca and her pleasing ways.
To make matters worst, Lauren had called him out on his "alone" time. Was he spending it with Nancy?
"God, no! She's getting married. I don't think of her in these predicaments you keep picturing, Lauren!" He'd screamed in her face in the girl's restroom at the school, of all places. He almost got in trouble for that, but he'd seen her with Fletch. Was she stupid?
"Its you with the problem!" He'd practically spit it all over her. "You, fancy the likes of Fletch now!" This was the gut wrenching part for him. He snarled in repulse.The thought of her doing anything with Fletch made his skin crawl. "Tell me, you'll stay away from him!"
She shook her head, no. "Not until you stay away from Nancy!"
It was almost a truce they had now. He'd have to give up Becca's ghost. It was useless to keep trying to get her to do bad things to Jake. "I hate him." He'd told her through a cracked voice every night she'd been with him. "He will only hurt Nancy in the end more if you don't do something." But she wasn't complying. She wanted to burn through him instead.
Somehow, he'd lured her to the liter glass jam jar. He'd screwed the lid on tightly. Jeremy was his last hope.
"Ready to have some fun?" Newt said once he got Jeremy back in the reference section of the library. He had waited til almost closing time because that's when Jeremy had said to come.
"I suppose." Jeremy looked at the glowing jar.
"You'll never ever feel an energy quite like this one." Newt nodded.
"I..I just can't believe it." Jeremy kept staring at the jar. "Just think of the possibilities."
"Yes, the possibilities. If only I could get them to work for me. She's not very helpful." Newt stared at the golden ball of light, too.
"Fun, though, ah?" Jeremy smirked.
"You have no idea." Newt shook his head. "Maybe she'll do more for you than she did for me. Of course, doing might be an understatement." He thought of all her supernatural capabilities. "I'd prefer though that you must'n let her out until after I'm well gone." He shuttered to think of her back in his room swarming around him at night and giving him prickly skin. He needed sleep. He never thought he'd admit that.

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