Monday, February 18, 2008

a plan

Josh felt butterflies in his stomach just imaging getting across town to the black cat after midnight. "Are you sure they're even open then?" He texted Freddie back. Was he sure this was the right thing to do?

"Forget it, if it'll be too much for you." Freddie texted back. Now Josh felt foolish, but not entirely.

"I said I'll be there. I promised." Josh hated texting as it was. It took forever to get the message exactly as it should be.


This time it would happen. Josh told himself. No getting lost on the way. Nobody crashing his time with the meeting place. No father wanting to strangle him. It would be just fine. If his nerves didn't get to him first.

"Whatcha doing?" Amy awoke him back to reality. School was out for the day, and she wasn't with Sty.

"Homework." He couldn't quite look at her anymore. He refused to be warm to her. They were no longer anything. "Where's Sty?"

"He's coming." She crossed her arms and acted just as cold.

"Good." He would pay her no mind. Suddenly, he had a new idea. He'd go to Freddie's place now. Not tonight. It would be a surprise. He couldn't stand to watch her there on the street just staring at him as if he was doing wrong.

"You seem different." She said in her snobbish way as if she'd been the only one to ever make him happy.

"Do I?" In his gut he knew where he wanted to be. Not here listening to riddles with Amy, but away from her and alone with Freddie.

"What's going on?"

"I have new meds." He lied rather, calmly.

"Sorry, you're sure you aren't up to something with Fletch?" She snarled politely.

"I'm not telling." He beamed, wishing he could climb through a window to Freddie's room and wait for him in his wardrobe.

"Fine, be a prat." She frowned.

"But how could I without having this lovely conversation with you first." He laughed. Then he saw Sty coming and ran like he'd never ran before down an ally way and a corner or two to yet another ally way.... to Freddie's flat.

It was exhilarating to get there in five minutes tops. He looked for a way up the fire escape. He wondered how Freddie felt about roofs.

Sure footed Josh made his way up a ladder then pulled himself up over a brick wall to get to the ledge of Freddie's window. Only, it was Spike's window.

He panicked sightly when he realised Freddie's window was locked, but Spike's wasn't. Gingerly, he got through the window into Spike's room. All was quiet. All was neat, just as Josh imagined. No sign of anyone, he noticed in the main room where the livingroom, dining area and kitchen were.

He breathed easily then and found Freddie's room.

It was a mess. Clothes about. His dresser thick with novelty treasures. Change and bills among the souvenirs from women who enjoyed his line of work. Josh smiled. He'd found the jackpot. He couldn't help himself but to go through Freddie's things.

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