Thursday, February 14, 2008

out with Spike

Josh was crushed when he found out how John Paul really felt. "Of course, I fancy you. Its just I don't thing the timing is right, that's all." He felt sure John Paul wasn't being straight with him.

"What? You think I'm pulling a Craig Dean on you!" Thats all Josh could imagine. He wasn't going to hide the fact that he had these feelings for John Paul. Yet, he was at the same time, afraid, too. But he wasn't a name caller like Craig. He wasn't going to say it hadn't happened.

","John Paul brushed him off immediately outside the dog. "I've got a lot to sort out at the moment. You've got some sorting too. I know you haven't lost it. Please don't get me wrong. If it was another time, perhaps, but right now." John Paul kept shaking his head, no. "There's someone else. Maybe. I don't know."

It didn't matter. Josh felt refected. It was hard to fight back the tears. He felt lost once again. Only Spike was there inside the dog waiting to pick up the pieces.

"You look like you could use a lager there, mate." Spike gave him a pat on the back, and Josh noticed the cold look Spike gave to John Paul who was on his way to the restroom.

"But we could go somewhere else, if that would suit you." Spike left rubbed Josh's back, and it eased the tension.

"I dunno." Josh shaked his head.

"Come along, this isn't the only pub around, you know. There's one that serves up a nice shepard's pie right around the corner from here," said Spike. "I bet we wouldn't run in to your brother over at the Black Cat."

Josh nodded, feeling pleased that Spike had asked him to a meal. "Who knows, maybe you'd like to see my flat. Just a hop, skip and jump from there." He leaned in and Josh felt he was being swept away from this mess with John Paul. It was just as well not to be here when John Paul came back from the restroom, he thought.

They walked into the alley, and Josh followed wondering if he'd know his way back home. "Really, it isn't far." Spike told him, but Josh wasn't so sure. "I know a short cut." Spike promised taking Josh's hand when the shadows grew dark.

Was this Hollyoaks? Josh wondered as he felt the sun hit his face once they reached the last ally way. He didn't no a soul here. They looked so happy. Perhaps it was his imagination.

"We can do what we want here." Spike pulled him along with ease. "If you're afraid though, we could go to my place."
"I'm not afraid," Josh said. He didn't want to be afraid, but of course he would be if Rhys ever found out he was here instead of where he was suppose to be. Pining away at home for Felicity.

"So you really don't have a boyfriend, now do you?" Spike said while finding them a table at the black cat. Josh shook his head, no. "Trust me, you don't want to get mixed up with the likes of John Paul."

Josh nodded.

"You really are a quiet one, aren't you?" Spike chuckled then ordered them each an ale. "Stick with me Josh. I really know what I'm doing, you know."

Josh took a sip of the ale. He coughed, but took another sip and swallowed.

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