Monday, February 25, 2008

out with Laleh

Newt was beginning to think he might be in love with Anthony Hope from Sweeney Todd. Laleh had taken him to the cinema every night the past week.

"You just don't know when it might not be here." It was her all time favorite new movie. She couldn't wait til it came out on dvd.

"Its a classic, you know. A true emo classic." She just couldn't get enough of it and nothing else as far as Newt could see. He wasn't sure if it was that emo. Shouldn't they be out supporting the local bands or something? Something other than this.

What had he got himself into? First it started as just a little fun Wiccan get-to-gather at the cinema. Only it was just the two of them. Honestly, he thought he might at least know where her wonder spot might be by now. He suspected it was on the front row at the cinema mesmerized by Johnny Depp.

"This sucks." He didn't say it out loud. He just wanted her to magically read his mind only she couldn't. But really she was such a girly girl, and she had to make all the decisions. Just when had this happened? This wasn't the way it was with Lauren. He was the commander and chief and she was his girl Friday. God, he missed Lauren. He missed their little games on teachers.

He guessed he had to grow up some time. But this. It had only lasted a week. Having to sit with her group at her table. Go places with all her mates. Sickening. It was really humiliating.

Yes, he'd see Lauren in the hall with that big-eared horse she called her boyfriend. Newt was only doing this now to irritate her. Laleh wasn't exactly what he'd hope she'd be. She was a fake. Why hadn't he seen it to begin with. Oh, yeah, she had killer legs and eyes that could pull you in and make you have a total brain freeze.

He imagined them doing binding together. Possibly find a hex to put on Jake. Or maybe filming people's personal conversations.

Nope. Just the run of the mill, this is what my boyfriend should do stuff. It made him shutter to think that he'd become this...this guy she told all her girlfriends was her boyfriend.

"I'm really hating this, Laleh," he said giving her back the popcorn after the credits rolled. "I know you don't get me." He looked away.

"You're saying you get me?"

"Doesn't everyone?" He rolled his eyes. "You're not my type." Maybe he really didn't have a type. That was it. "I'm sick of this movie, too."

"But its you." She looked hurt. "I thought we had something?"

"I'm not going to follow you around like a puppy," he said coldly.

"I know that." She hugged his arm then. "But we could be happy."

Was she serious? "I don't do happy." He looked away. She touched the ring in his lip which startled him slightly. Nobody did that.

"Come on, you know you want me." She tugged at his arm.

"Not really." He shook his head, no. But that just seemed to make her to want him more.

"I'll show you mine. If you'll show me yours." She then smiled.

"As in?" He looked at her then.

"At my house." She pursed her lips and kissed him. "No-body's home, you know."

"I don't know." She hadn't exactly delivered anything too exciting yet. Maybe if they snogged a bit in the cinema, he might change his mind. He might.

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