Sunday, February 17, 2008

old wounds

Freddie knew. Hannah felt herself shake inside. No one was suppose to know. No one suspected her with Nancy. No one.

She didn't ask how he knew. She felt the wind knocked out of her. Now what was she suppose to do?

"I've tried to talk with her. I have," she said to Freddie. "I just can't talk any sense into her right now. Its like she's on a mission, somehow."

"Newt thinks its a bad idea. He's the one who told me. I'm not sure how he knew of me, but he seems insistant that Nancy get away from Jake before he harms her anymore than he has." Those were Freddie's words that rang through her.

"I don't know what I could do." Hannah shook her head, no. "I can't. What if he ever found out? Me and Nancy. Please, please don't tell anyone about Nancy and me."

"I won't, but you should come clean. It'd be the best for everyone." His blue eyes stared at her that somehow the truth would prevail.

"I'll try if I can. I haven't heard from her in weeks now." Hannah held herself tightly. She felt as if she might breakdown and have a binging attack.

"Really, I hadn't meant to upset you."

"Yeah, sure." Hannah nodded. She felt once again her world was falling to pieces. No one else could know about her and Nancy.

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