Thursday, February 7, 2008

Newt at the library

Newt had one thing on his mind. Get Jake away from Nancy. Then there was that other energy, Becca.

He was roaming the shelves at the Hollyoaks library when he heard someone smacking gum in the next shelf over. He detested people who smacked gum. Especially Michaela. Ugh, Michaela. What was her problem? He remained indifferent to her. She thought she knew everything about everyone and their love life when she knew nothing. This irritated him the most about her.

"Whatcha doing?" She had her flirt on and it repulsed him. He'd kiss the lousiest of boys over Michaela. He detected she was high on something already, but she didn't know it. He knew she was wicked in her petty ways. Not genuine like his.

"As if you'd have an inkling if I told you." He sighed giving her the dead stare.

"No need to be such a prat." She snarled.

"Get off!" He scolded with a squint.

"You know, I like blokes who wear eyeliner." She fluttered her lashes then toward him.

"You'd look like a sweet death angel if you'd get rid of that pathetic pale hair and go black with it." He hissed.

"Get over yourself." She got in his face then and whispered, "I bet there's wee willie in those undies." She pointed to his crouch."Wee willie wouldn't know what to do if a bird looked his way."

He backed away from her then in disgust and promised he'd put a hex on her as soon as he got home. How could they let her kind in the library, he thought. At this rate it was hopeless to get any research done on how to make a ghost behave. At least he found the supernatural section. It was small, but still looking for something on the subject seemed impossible.

"Aw, doing some revising, are we?" Jeremy appeared then and Newt thought maybe there just might be someone to shed some light here.

"No." Newt was blunt.


"Perhaps." Newt gave him the dead stare. Sad smile and all. Jeremy gave him one right back. At least they were on mutual ground. There was some sort of connection between them. It wasn't sexual. It was just devious. He so wanted to smile, but he didn't as he followed Jeremy deeper into the stacks of books.

"Suppose I want to scare someone with the help of a ghost, how would I do it?" Newt was serious. Here he was in a place where he'd never been since he hated books. Words did not come easy for him.

"First you'll need a ghost," Jeremy said.

"Oh, I've got the ghost." Newt nodded.

Jeremy pressed his index finger to his lip. "So is there a problem?" He didn't even question Newt that there wasn't a ghost.

"She's a little testy." Newt shrugged.

"Here try this book." Jeremy handed over How to talk to ghosts. "See if that helps."

"Thanks." Newt almost smiled. "I'll get this read tonight and get it back to you tomorrow."

"You can have it for twenty-one days, you know." Jeremy remained even lip.

"Yeah, but I might need your help," Newt said. "You think you could help me with that?"

"Of course," Jeremy smiled lightly. "I'd love too."

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