Friday, February 1, 2008

Mr. Sunshine

What else could Rhys do? About Sasha? He'd snogged his only true friend in the village. And no one knew of it. It might as well be a figment of his imagination.

Of course, it had taken everything in him to run her off. Yes, it was cruel. Even worse what he'd said about the cat. The cat had gone no where. It was still his mum's cat. But Sasha would have to think it. Because enough is enough.

Nothing would ever become of the two of them. As it was there was a budding relationship between her and Fletch. It might be a long and enduring one at best.

It was better to hurt her now instead of later. Besides, all he could think about was Beth. Beth. Beth.

It still hurt to imagine her with Gilly. Gilly. He found himself going in fits over the very thought. Then he'd muster up enough strength to think it was all for the best. She was with his best friend and who else could he would start over once again, and he'd find himself at a party trying to drink his sorrows away ...which usually ended up in a mess.

Hopefully, it wasn't quite broadcasted like the whole scene with Mercedes. But at this point of the game, he might as well shag the whole McQueen clan.

Carmel had been an easy fit. The stories he could tell on that one made him beam. At least for the moment.

"She came on to me," he told strangers down at the dog along with Zak. None seemed all that interested. But he kept going with the tale.

"I don't know if I believe you." Zak shook his head, "she's a might tidy for you, but she yaps, on and on."

"Well, there was no yapping on when she banged me." Rhys was pleased to inform him with a silly grin.

"Ha, my arse, you take her to the bushes?" Zak questioned.

Actually, it was a little vague to him with all the lager involved, but he remembered. He meant to remember. The house music bouncing off the walls. A crowded house stepping to each beat.

Zak had stumped him. Where did it happen? Well, he thought it was Carmel. She was rather excited, but who wouldn't when he was around. After all, he did have to keep up for appearences sake, right?

He needed a beer. He needed to stop thinking about Beth. He needed to stop feeling so bad about Sasha. But it hurt to lose the only mate he could really talk too.

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