Wednesday, February 6, 2008

librarians do have hobbies

Will/Jeremy wasn't sure what he was getting into with Carmel. After all, she was an imbecile in his eyes, but he couldn't be choosy in this sort of game.

Actually, it was quite a nice surprise that she'd taken an interest with him. But he had things to do. Cameras to place in subjects' rooms. He really did have a thing for Big Brother 24/7.

Only Carmel changed everything. It wasn't that she was a thorn in his side. There was a purpose to being here. To get Zoe back. Yet there had been a glitch. He hadn't exactly found her yet. At least she hadn't found him. That was a start. Right?

So here he was incognito. And Carmel was asking about his religious values. What sort of sick game was she playing here? Then to turn around and want to play more than footsies in the afternoon.

Well, maybe he could ease into this. Actually, she'd made it quite easy. And a part of him felt he was the baby in all of this sexual awareness. So much he thought he knew. She was quite good in bed.

"Next time, we'll do it at your place." She was eager for a another session. He'd barely gotten back into his clothes from the last one.

"My place?" He wasn't sure old Mrs. Partridge who he boarded a room from would be up for a little noise like that. She had a thing about curfews and guests over, after ten p.m. "I dunno." He squinted.

"I'd give you a nice shave too." She smiled adding she knew a thing or two in salon tips.

"No, no, I must'n." He needed the beard. He had to be someone else. Not Will.

"But you have such a beautiful complexion. Why would you want to hide that adorable face. It isn't like we're in Elizabethan times, is it?" She brought him back to bed and kissed him madly, which gave him time to think.

"I'm in a play." That would have to do for now.


"Its not around here, unfortunately. Its for charity."

"Aw, you sweet sweet man." She pulled him close, unbuckled his pants. He guess he wasn't going just yet like he thought.

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