Monday, February 4, 2008

librarian's day off

Carmel was beginning to think Jeremy might be a rabbi with that beard he was sporting. First it was just a runny when they were introduced at the library. If she had half a chance to give him a clean shave, he'd have a sparkling chance to become the new priest in the village. He really did have that saintly quality.

She'd wormed her way enough into his life to get him over to the McQueens for tea. There was no chance to get him to the Dog or Gnosh for that matter. He wouldn't even come to the house if there was anyone home.

"There's no one here." She assured him. But he was looking around as if cameras were already on him.

"I'm really happy to see you." She did her sweetly come on and before you knew it, she was pouring tea, and he was eating her biscuits.
She believed he had fingers of an angel. She couldn't help but try to touch them when he presented her with a book, "How to read a book."

And when she touched those delicate fingers, it was electric. She didn't even look at the title. She sighed, moved closer, perhaps invading his space, but he didn't move which was a very good sign.

"I have books in my room, perhaps you could do the dewey on them." She smiled.


"Organize. Yes, you should have a look." She'd have to have him. At least for the afternoon. Maybe she could even teach him a thing or two.

"Educated minds think a like." He smiled.

"Well, then," she was the first to rise. "Shall we?" And she took his hand then and showed him up the stairs. One thing she had learned from her sisters was that none knew the art quite like she did to get a bloke into bed.

First, she set him down, then scooted in next, practically in his lap, and put her hand firmly on his thigh before he could even utter, "Where are the books?"

Too late. She kissed him quickly. The beard grew on her after a bit. The whiskers were softer than she imagined. And the longer they snogged, the more she knew she wanted him in the middle of the afternoon.

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