Monday, February 4, 2008

lets scare Jake to death

There was a time when Newt believed he could teleport back in his mother's arms, but he knew now..those were just dreams. Yet, he knew then as he did now that he had a spiritual capability that none knew of. He could still make things happen in his dreams.

Of course, it didn't always happen as he wanted. But sometimes it did.

He'd taken a break from Lauren after her little tattle tale with Jake about Nancy being too affectionate toward him. He hated the envious type. He'd have to teach her a lesson and hopefully, she'd learn that he could be trusted. After all, she was his best friend in Hollyoaks.

So this meant time with himself and when he overheard Carmel fussing with Zak over Rhy's story, he thought his dreams were working. There had to be a connection. Something spiritual was actually going on at the dog and no one knew of it nor understood it.

He knew from the get go that Jake was an angry person deep inside. He could sense it the first time they met. He was nothing but a prat, as far as Newt was concerned. It was easy to hate him. Especially, when he sense how Jake had pulled Nancy into his ugly web.

Nancy was precious to Newt. She wanted to help. And now he cried at night for her. It wasn't right for her to be stuck with such an unkind human being. That's when he decided to call up Becca from the spirit world.

It was a rather long ritual, and it wasn't easy finding all the goodies he'd need for his spell. And at first, nothing. Perhaps it was she who wouldn't comply with his wishes. It wasn't that he wanted to wake her from the dead.

Then finally she came around in his dreams. She was just as beautiful as the pictures he'd seen of her and Nancy together. Even more so. That's when he told her about Jake.

"I know," she told him. "I know he lied about Charlie. I had hoped to have had a second chance. I had hoped Nancy would change everything."

Newt could tell she was new to this, and it would take her sometime to build the courage to scare Jake.

"Its just I don't know how." She looked at him for guidance.

"Maybe you should practice on someone else first." He decided. "You know, find your abilities." He didn't know she was going to be the slapper ghost. But then again, maybe she'd scared Rhys and he couldn't remember. Too drunk to remember.

But just as he thought, no one would listen to him. Again. He brought Rhys' story to Jake's attention when he came into the dog.

"Are you a raving loon!" Jake snapped back.

"Its Becca. I'm sure of it." Newt was dead serious.

"What is going on it that sick mind of yours?" Jake was all grimacing and evil. For a moment, Newt thought for sure Jake might his smash his head in, but Newt kept giving him the dead stare, wishing bad things would come to Jake.

He was going to have to make Becca's ghost think evil for a change. At this rate, every drunk at the dog would be happy to see her.

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