Sunday, February 17, 2008

keep'm guessing

Josh wanted to let it out about Freddie, but knew he had to keep it in. It was so hard to keep from being elated. Mum had noticed. Rhys too.

"Don't know what you're going on so, really, you've got nothing to be happy about." Josh could sense Rhys wanted him to be as miserable as he was with Gilly and Beth back. But it was difficult to maintain a sad look when so much good was happening. But he could see Rhys was just about disgusted with him.

"I will find out what you're up too, you know." Rhys had pressed his index finger straight into Josh's chest which just about frightened Josh to pieces.

"I'm fine. You've got bigger worries to think about."

"I suppose so, but you keep your nose and head clear, you hear?" At least Rhys had given up on wanting to know who or what had changed him. Still it wasn't easy continuing a sedated state at school. Fletch thought he was finally on drugs. And Newt looked worried.

"Stop pretending this is about you." Josh let him off the hook when they met up in the boys restroom alone at school. "Its not like you poisoned me."

"I'm not so sure, what if I really do like my dark arts too dark?" Newt fretted.

"Then we'd all be monsters, now wouldn't we?" Josh shrugged. "I'm happier than I've ever been."

"Is it because you like to keep secrets?" Newt squinted.

"Only the half of it." Josh nodded. "I'm figuring out who I am, you know, and that's priceless."

"Yeah, but you don't blame me, now do you?"

"No, you pretty much know the truth about everyone around you. But I wouldn't want to know my future from you." Josh smiled.

"I'm not that good." Newt shook his head, no.

"Only in time, mate. All in good time." Josh then smirked.

"And that's what its about with you and..and my brother?" Newt squirmed a little.

"No, not him. He's a good mate, though. Don't be so hard on him, but its not like that." Josh informed him.

"Good, to know," said Newt, "See, I don't know everything."

"Yeah, maybe you're human, after all." Josh chuckled, yet now he had to find a way to see Freddie without Spike knowing.

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