Saturday, February 16, 2008


Josh followed Spike up the steps to his flat. Josh sensed it was an OK place on the outside, at least. It felt quaint with the cobbled streets and the red brick. A lot like home, except for this blond girl on her mobile shouting about a holiday she wanted some bloke by the name of Zak to go on with her. That made Josh a little nervous while Spike was fumbling with his keys at the door.
"Pay her no mind, mate," said Spike, "She can be a right nag most of the time. That's Molly. She's usually in a row of some kind."
Spike jiggled the key in and opened the door. "You are at least sixteen, aren't you?" Spike looked back at Josh.
"Almost seventeen, didn't even get a proper birthday this year with all the goings with my sister and such. Didn't really feel up to it." Josh nodded looking about the neat quarters which was full of second hand, but comfortable furniture and posters on the wall of old movies like Scarface and The Godfather.
"Then we should celebrate a belated birthday to you." Spike offered putting the kettle on.
Josh almost smiled. Spike had flattered him during dinner. They had talked of video games and holidays at the beach. Still Josh was sure he'd screw this up.
"Go, on. Make yourself comfortable." Spike waved him to the couch. "We'll have us a brew and maybe sort this whole John Paul thing out."
Just as Josh had found himself a video magazine to look through, the door opened and a fit blonde bloke and his mate were in a tussle of some kind.
"The answer is no! No! No!" He pulled away from the dark haired bloke that followed, "There is no point bring up the past with your ex at the show tonight. I am not a drag queen. Kris is your kris crosser, not mine."
"Aw, come on, Freddie, don't be so cold. You could show Kris up. You're pretty. He's a cow."
"Um, Nate, flattery will get you no where," Freddie said. "Best you be gone before I take a go at you." Freddie shook his head, no.
Nate rolled his eyes and turned away.
"You wouldn't believe it, Spike, but he's got it bad, still for that prissy crossdresser." Freddie then turned to Spike who only gave him a laugh while he poured tea for him and Josh.
"And who might this be?" Freddie gave a look to Josh.
"Sorry," Spike gave Josh the tea, "Josh, this is my flatmate, Freddie. He and Nate get into it quite a bit. Guess that's what makes it fresh, aye." He gave Freddie a silly look.
"I'm finished. I truly am. I can't go on like this." He gave Nate a look to go away. "Being compared to that frilly Kris cow.,, It gets rather stale, you know."
"Sorry." Nate stood there by the door and Freddie plopped himself next to Josh.
"Go. You're a bit thick in the head at the moment, and I won't have it. Go!" Freddie barked back. Nate turned and left.
"He makes me emotional, you know." Freddie rubbed his index finger to his chin as if he was replaying their whole ordeal in his head. "Well, enough of that. What are you two up too? Does this mean, I should leave?"
"Of course not, Freddie," Spike set down in a cushy chair next to Josh. "Just hanging out, aren't we, Josh?"
Josh nodded.
"Thank God," Freddie pushed his fingers through his blonde hair. "I told myself I wanted to be alone. Now I'm not so sure."
Spike turned on the tube then, and popped in a DVD of some bloody film he told Josh should be on his top ten to watch. Just as it was about to get into some bank robbery scene, another knock came to the door.
"God, I hope that's not, Nate." Freddie got up then to open the door. It wasn't. It was Newt.
"Spike, you seem to have company." Freddie shrugged.
"I'd never come to him." Newt edged his way in.
"Is this your boyfriend, Josh?" Freddie asked.
"What are you doing here?" Newt stared at Josh then.
"Nothing. Just watching a DVD." Josh shrugged.
"If you say so." Newt shot a look at Spike then.
"What?" Spike squinted. "You think? You think I brought him over just to jump his stick?"
"Whatever." He turned to Freddie. "I thought maybe I could have a word with you about Nancy."
"Nancy." Freddie almost bit his tongue. "What about?"
"She's getting married. Maybe it already happened. Yes, it happened." Newt frowned. "You need to get her away from Jake."
"But how?" Freddie said, "I haven't seen her in ages. She probably doesn't even remember me."
He shook his head, no.
"She'd remember you. Believe me, she remembers you." Newt told him.
"She's a sweet babe and all, but I'm bloody unlikely her knight in shining armour, now am I?" Freddie crossed his arms. "I'll think about it, but I just don't know."
"Don't think too long about it." Newt gave him a dead stare. "And you, Josh, you better get home before they start asking questions about your ware abouts."
Josh felt a knot in his throat.
"Come along, we'll say we were at the library. I'll tell them you've been helping me a great deal as of late with revisions." Newt motioned him to come with him.
"I can take care of myself." Josh squinted.
"Not tonight. Believe, me its best you come with me. Do your sneaking out after midnight when your mum thinks you're tucked in," Newt scolded.
"Why are you doing this?" Josh got up.
"I don't want everyone to hate me in Hollyoaks." Newt remained even lipped. "Besides, maybe it was me who got you into the fix in the first place."

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