Wednesday, February 13, 2008

in the park

Josh texted John Paul at least ten times. Still no answer. Of course, he wasn't sure what he was going to say the next time he saw him ,anyway. He was ecstatic and sad all at the same time which left him a little dizzy. Confused. Uncertainty.

He wished he had someone to talk to. Sort this out. All these feelings. Maybe he was plain crazy. Then there was the matter of keeping it a secret, too. John Paul. He had too. Mum certainly wouldn't understand. And Rhys,
there was no way he was going let him know he'd spent the afternoon with John Paul.

Josh found himself walking in circles for the most part. What was he going to do? Would Newt be any help? He doubted it. Josh walked toward the park. It was warm out. He thought of Amy for a second. The time they were there by the trees before he had his run in with Mr. Barnes. It made him shiver to think of it. All of it felt so ancient now. Some how now he felt brand new and practically clear headed. Possibly.

It was then he saw someone sitting on the park bench looking through a poetry book. He wasn't going to say anything. No need too. But the bloke beat him too it. "You look lost?" The fellow smiled at him. "Do I know you?"

"No," Josh looked at him out of the corner of his eye. Was he suppose to be friendly with this collage age bloke or afraid? "I don't think so."

"You don't go to the uni, do you?" The bloke gave him a gentle stare with his dark eyes.

"Uh, no, not yet." Josh introduced himself then.

"Spike." He grinned and gave Josh a handshake. "Take a break then." Spike patted the bench down for him. "I haven't been out and about much, lately. Hiding in the library for the most part."

"Studious, I take it?"

"I've never been to the uni or the college for that matter. I should though. Really, love the books," Spike said. "You look like the studious type."

"For the most part." Josh nodded wondering where was this conversation going. "I've been a little down as of late, though."

"Aw, I can understand, completely," smiled Spike, "At least you haven't let it take a toll on you, something must be spark'n you, mate."

Josh had to catch himself from smiling. Was it that obvious?

"Its just... he won't call back." Josh shrugged and as an afterthought imagined he'd said too much.

"This my friend, is where you have to be mysterious and intriguing." Spike nodded.

"Mysterious and intriguing?" Josh squinted.

"Completely." Spike leaned in, "And if that doesn't work, jealousy is your next option."

Just then Josh looked up and noticed Newt walking across the way toward the fountain. Josh almost waved, but Spike pulled down his hand, gently.

"Don't bother," Spike said. "He won't come near."

"What for?"

"That's my brother." Spike crossed his arms. "Different mothers, he and I, doesn't mean we can stand each other."

"I see." Josh nodded.

"Maybe you and I can have a drink sometime in the future," Spike said. "I get the feeling you might need a mentor of some kind." Spike put his hand on Josh's thigh then. He almost jumped. Josh brushed his fingers through his hair. "See you around." Spike gave him a sly grin then, got up and left Josh alone at the park bench.

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