Saturday, February 9, 2008

I can feel you

My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you

This fire rising through my being
Burning I'm not used to seeing you

I'm alive, I'm alive

It was in the dark when he sensed her. She would not come out in the afternoon nor even the early evening. Only after midnight. Becca's ghost came to Newt.

No, they had never met when she was alive and well, but he had brought her back, and he had to make her see that Jake was a bad man. He'd lied to her. He'd lied to Nancy. He'd hurt Nancy. She was the onlyone he knew who could get revenge on Jake.

But she had other things on her mind. "I want to know you. What could I possibly do to Jake now? I'm not a bad person. I have a good heart," she whispered into his ear while he laid in bed. He froze feeling her lips burn his.

"But I'm not Justin. I don't want you. I want you to hurt Jake. He deserves it!" He kept saying over and over with his eyes closed, but she kept wanting him more, and he thought he might choke for air.

She laughed and told him to breathe. He could feel her fingers touch his face. The burn sizzled through him. "Promise me," he breathed. "You'll hurt Jake. You must hurt him for all the bad he's done." Tears seeped from his eyes. The dark eyeliner ran down his face. He'd never been with a ghost before. He had no idea that the initiation to their secret place would mean being flung tot he wall then clinging the the ceiling and letting the room rotate about him.

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

My hands float up above me
And you whisper you love me
And I begin to fade
Into our secret place

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