Sunday, February 17, 2008

could it be

Was this really happening? Josh kept taking deep breaths as if he might have a marathon of swimming to endure, but he was alone on his bed in his room.

What had just happen? Freddie. Someone like Freddie wanted the likes of him. He remembered him at Hannah's birthday party. What showmanship. To have what it took to do what he did for a living. A male stripper. This was just too good to be true.

He cringed to think that Freddie was doing drugs just like Fletch. No, Freddie would not do that. He sensed him a pure sportsman at heart. Freddie was one of those who was going to stay true to himself. Nothing artificial about him.

He wanted his smile to go away. But Josh just couldn't knock it. He had a part to play, didn't he? The depressed one that everyone left alone. It would have to remain this way if he wanted this to work.

But his heart pulsed this race, this question, when would he see Freddie again? He needed to see him before it was too late. He couldn't forget. He didn't want Freddie to forget.

Then he found himself pacing as this rush sizzled through him. How was this going to work? He didn't even know Freddie's cell number. He wished he had it. There was a longing to hear from him. To see him. Even if it hadn't been that long. Nothing had him this hyped since he didn't know when.

Then the cell rang. Josh awoke from his stupor. "hullo?"

"Its, me." The male voice was familiar. Josh swallowed back his nerves.


"Freddie." Josh smiled.

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