Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to the library

Newt found himself at a crossroad of sorts with Lauren. He didn't want her falling in with Fletch and yet, he didn't want to be her keeper, either.

"I don't care. I really don't care, " he lied, perhaps. Mainly, to himself. "Just stay away from Fletch."

She was a bit more colder than usual after school. "You do understand, you're not my boyfriend?"

"Duh." He blinked back at her. "Besides, aren't we more than that silliness? We're mates. And mates don't let mates go off with the likes of Fletch."

"Maybe, he's not as awful as you think," Lauren said as they roamed down the hallway and out the building. Her backpack was heavy, but he wasn't going to carry it for her. "He's my sis' beau, anyhow."

"They're both a bit flaky at the moment. Might as well be in the bad books. You can't trust either of them, you know." He moved on, but she wasn't exactly following.

"Aren't you coming to the library?" He turned.

She stood her ground. "No." She remained even lipped and turned away.

"Fine." He thought she didn't want to even think of Sasha as her sister, half the time. What had happened? He was figuring out that maybe he couldn't exactly control the universe as he'd hoped. Things at the dog were a little creepy with or without Becca's ghost. He wish he could rid Hollyoaks of the like of hoodlums, druggies and low lives, but then it was those likes who had put him here in the first place.

He didn't want to be ill with Lauren. But he could never ever see himself being anymore than a mate to her. But her "no" had left a bad taste in his mouth. Sure he could have a row with her from time to time, but somehow they saw eye to eye in the end. And he kind of thought of her as his number one fan.

But then again, he was a loner. Nothing could change that. And if she had better things to do than go to the library. So be it. Anyway, he wanted to talk with Jeremy the librarian again. Ask if anything supernatural was going after leaving him the jar with Becca's ghost at the library.

"You gave her her own space, didn't you?" He asked as soon as he found Jeremy hiding behind his computer in his office.

"Of course, she stays in the mysteries, most times. But I think she's frightened a fool or two in the loo. But all is good." Jeremy smiled. "Can't you see the changes?"

Newt looked around. There were more people than usual. He noticed Hannah and Sarah together making signs for a library booksale.

"I guess." Newt shrugged. "So did know do anything to you?" Newt squinted, remembering some very long nights with that restless ghost.

"I'm not telling." He smiled.

"She got to you, didn't she?"

"Nothing I can't handle." Jeremy winked and went to help Sarah with the signs and the prices.

Newt looked around. He supposed Becca's ghost wasn't lonely now. He looked over to the mysteries. Maybe she was there like Jeremy said. But as walked near, he saw a girl with the most intriguing silver wolf-like eyes, and horrifying red hair. She was looking through spell books.

He thought his heart missed a beat. Who was she?

"Have you come to join our Wiccan club?" She spoke which made him want to jump out of his skin.

"Club? There's a Wiccan club that meets here?" He dropped his heavy backpack to the table where she was sitting.

"Actually, its our first go at one. We might be the only members," she said.

"Small in numbers really isn't a bad thing, is it?" He asked then introduced himself.

"Laleh." She almost touched his hand, but he really wasn't into anyone touching him.

"So what do you have to do to join this club? Call up a spirit or something?"

"Actually, five quid would do. We need funds for preparations." She nodded. He took a good look at her pale legs in the plaid skirt uniform. She might as well have been a fairy of some kind. She was gorgeous and brilliant too.

"As long as it isn't for refreshments." He kept cool. No need for her to think he had an idiot school boy crush on her.

"Of course not." She stared back, with her pen almost in her mouth. "So would you?"

"Why not." He didn't dare give her a smile. Inside, she was killing him with that body of hers.

She handed over the pen she'd breathed on. He felt sure he'd catch her disease. After all, she had just appeared. Maybe it was all of Becca's ghost doings. A shiver went through him as he looked in his pockets for the five quid. He came up with only a couple.

"Will this do for now?"

She took the money from him. "I guess you'll have to work for the rest of it." She shook her silky locks.

"I'm at your service." He took a little bow.

"Come along then, I'll show you what I need." Laleh motioned for him to come with her into the dark stacks of books. Newt had a feeling he might be wrapped around her finger before he even knew it.

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