Thursday, February 28, 2008

all he ever wanted

You really got your hold on me.
You really got your hold on me.
You gotta get away from me.
'Cause you...
You want nothing to do with me.

The next afternoon in her room, Laleh told Newt about her first boyfriend. A footballer.

"Doesn't mean they're all a pain in the ass, but he was." She laughed now when she spoke of him at first. "Its was all so disgusting." She scalded, choking on a few tears. "Funny, how one bloke can change you, you know." She sighed with a tear sliding down her cheek.

"We really don't have to talk about this." Newt wasn't in to sharing details about life. Alone with someone or otherwise. Why was it, he couldn't get enough of her room? He could live here. He loved the way the light shimmered so ghostly from the window.

"You don't hate me do you?" She took both of his hands then and locked her fingers into his.

"Why would I hate you?" His eyes met hers.

"You must think I'm a fake." She looked away frowning.

"It doesn't matter." He shook his head, no. "We're here, aren't we?" He leaned in and kissed her. Really, he couldn't get enough of the kissing part, sitting there on her bed. Brilliantly, he found much comfort in her plush lips. Finally he pulled away.

"Seriously, I have to tell you something," he said. He had to say it before he forgot why he even came.

"What?" She squinted.

"I have to break up with you." She tried to let go of his hands, but he wouldn't let her. His grip was tight. "I still want to see you. I just don't want to be your boyfriend."

She jerked her fingers away. There was pain in her expression as she fell back against her pillow and rolled away from him. She started to cry.

"It won't be like you think." He laid next to her, his hand found a place under her school uniform shirt on her belly. "Promise. Its just we can't speak at school. I can't do the whole boyfriend thing. You can be cold to me all you want." He breathed into her ear.

She turned back then, and he put her arm behind him and rested his head just under her breasts.

"I can't explain it. I can't be who you want me to be. I can just be who I am." He wrapped his arms around her as if this was all he wanted. To be with her in her room. His fingers slid deeper under her shirt and slid across her belly to the edge of panties. He noticed her goosebumps. He smiled.

"You must stop telling me what to do." He kissed her belly then. Forged on. He knew what she wanted. He didn't need directions.

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Shenell Keanna said...

this is so ironic, i just finished wirting something like this, well, at the end is the same thing. your story draw to me so easily, like mine, when I read it it draws to me like honey to a bee.good job!