Tuesday, February 26, 2008

after dinner

The only place Josh could seek refuge lately was over at Spike's with Freddie. There was just once catch. Be there while Spike was out. It wasn't that they were on the outs, but he hadn't exactly gotten back to him on any of their plans to do things together, either.

"You don't think he'd be hurt, do you?" Josh wondered while watching Freddie put a salad together for them.

"Hard to say," said Freddie who got another lager out for Josh. "He's never been quite the same since John Paul. I wouldn't doubt he'd go back to him in a heartbeat if given a chance. Even if he says otherwise."

"I dunno what to do. Actually." Josh squinted then took a swig of beer. "I didn't mean to lead him on? Is that what I was doing?"

"You were being a friend." Freddie served dinner. "Spike likes to start things out that way, you know. Its not like he's got a certain agenda. You know, if it happens. It happens."

"And you?" Josh wanted to know.

"I can't explain it." Freddie kept smiling. "If there is a connection, you'll know it, immediately." He took a sip a beer then. "Lets eat up." After all, they were hungry. They'd spent most of the evening already in the bedroom.

Before, they could manage dinner down, there was a knock on the door.

"Hullo, Spike? Freddie?" It was a female's voice. Josh was caught off guard. He felt like hiding.

"Sounds like Molly." Freddie shrugged putting his bowl in the sink. "Probably locked herself out, again."

"You think she'll be here long?" Josh gritted his teeth. He hadn't even met her, and he couldn't even stand her.

"God, I hope not." Freddie opened the door then, "What is it, Mol?"

"Can you taste these brownies, see what you think." She held a tray of something that looked like black lumps.

"Looks, like cow poo to me, -fraid not, lass." Freddie shook his head, no.

"Well, they have a very special ingredient. Actually, and..and I may have a little trouble in the bedroom." She pursed her lips, but then exposed her toothy grin.

"Come, again?"

"Well, if you two could come over and help me with a little problem I seem to be having." She sighed.

Slowly, Freddie and Josh walked across the hall to investigate.

"What the hell have you done this time?" Freddie looked at her then back to Josh. They walked in to her very pink livingroom and kitchen. It looked like Hello Kitty had thrown up a pink couch with purple pillows and pastel beads over the doorway to her bedroom.

"Who's in there, Molly?" Freddie wasn't sure he wanted to know. "You haven't done something to Spike, have you?"

"Heavens know, he left ages ago with Nate. They went to a car show." Molly told him as she put her brownies on the kitchen counter.

"Lovely." Freddie smiled to Josh. Josh smirked back. It might be a very long night yet. That is if they ever got away from Molly.

"See, I'd gotten some special ingredients from this kiddo, Fletch. And he said it was perfect for magical brownies. I had already served up my wedding chicken, which I found on the Internet. Its roasted chicken with veggies inside. Says if you make it for your intended, he'll propose to you within twenty-four hours."

"Who might that be?" Freddie looked to Josh, "Ever heard such nonsense, lad?"

"He's asleep, and I can't wake him up." Molly frowned. "I may have killed him?"

"Why hadn't you said so in the beginning, Mol!" Now Freddie wasn't exactly a paramedic, but he knew CPR.

"I keep hoping he'll wake up." She shrugged.

Josh and Freddie both ran in to see just who Molly had put to sleep.

"Dude," Josh found himself cracking up, "Isn't he your arch nemesis?"

Freddie sighed. Yes, there was Kris and he was out like a light. Freddie took his pulse. Wasn't good. He worked to wake him up. Shouting, slapping. Finally, Kris came too. Smiling.

"Thank God, I'm glad we didn't have to call the ambulance. I know those boys more than I should. I'd hate to make any of them jealous." Molly looked up to the ceiling as if a prayer had been answered. She went to put on the kettle.

"That was the best sex, I ever had." Kris sighed, looking up fondly to Freddie.

Freddie cringed looking at the frilly lingerie Kris wore that had to be Molly's. It was pink, after all.

Josh just couldn't stop laughing.

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