Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it could be pretty

Really, it made Rhys happy that he could do a favor. It was nice to see that silly smile on Sasha's face on the way home. He was glad he could take her away from Hollyoaks if only it was for a day.

Of course, he couldn't say so much about his own little venture into the city. He met a manly female that could have been Kris' twin. That was scary. She gave him the eye. and he hightailed it to a nearby bookshop and hid in the travel section for a while. So much for the city offering any ladies in waiting. Of course, he wasn't looking for any action. However, the calmness almost put him to sleep.

He took a walk around the park. Saw mothers with their babies. Didn't want one of those crying things around. It was quite a wasteland as far as he could see even on a sunny day. And he ate chips in the park, thought it might be nice to have dog instead of Sasha's cat.

Later, there was the incident in thrift shop. He wasn't sure how he bumped his way there, but he was interested in finding an old book of poems for Hannah or something cheap for if the occasion arises and he absolutely needed a gift. Even then he couldn't decide.

It was there among the women's vintage wear when he noticed a small Asian girl. He thought until he came closer and wasn't so sure. Only what a gorgeous bum in those tight jeans. He smiled. Then he noticed the leather gloves. But the hair was like something out of an Anime graphic novel. A strange bob with tinted ends.

He couldn't help but stare. Was it a boy or a girl? He backed away. Not sure he even wanted to know.

"You want pretty?" The Asian turned with a smile.

"Pretty?" Rhys shrugged, baffled that the he/she would even speak.

"I show you pretty." Again the Asian smiled. Rhys rummaged up what smile he could give. He wasn't sure what he was getting into.

The Asian handed over the slim floral case from his bag. Rhys obliged and opened it. It was a beautiful set of pearls. The Asian slammed the case shut quickly.

"Oh!" Rhys jerked his hand back.

"Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa!" The shrill of the Asian's voice made Rhys shiver. He wanted to run, but he didn't.

"You could wear them if you work for me," the Asian tugged at Rhys' sleeve.

"No, no..I don't do...uh..whatever it is that-"

"I could make you pretty. You could make money...." Well, he liked the idea of making money, but not by being pretty.


The Asian handed over a card from the glove. "Can you dance on a pole?"

"Pole dancing?" Rhys cracked up.

"Keep the card, I'll make you pretty one day." The Asian grinned again and walked away.

Rhys smiled when he thought about it, when he was home alone with the cat who wanted his sandwich.

He kept shaking his head, no. He almost laughed. Then he remembered Sasha's smile as she was looking at him in the car on the way home. He stared into space. That smile. She wasn't just smiling at him. That full smile. Something had happened.

"Shit." He knew she wasn't the same. She wasn't the girl who left Hollyoaks with him.

Just then the front door flew open. It was Hannah. She flung her school books along the sofa.

"What!" She frowned in her irritable way as if the world was about to end.

"What's with you?" Couldn't he look at his sister.

"As if you would know what real problems are." She stomped upstairs.

He hoped she wasn't suffering another setback. He sighed and took a bite of his sandwich and tossed the rest to Sasha's cat.

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