Monday, January 21, 2008

Nothing thrills us

He could have left things alone. He could have pulled back when he could have. Be done with it, but Sasha hit a nerve. Rhys couldn't let it go like this.

A kid her age, saying such things. About him.Usually, he didn't care. It didn't matter. In the end he was a good old bloke who hung out at the local pub with his mates that everyone wanted to be. In his eyes, anyway.

But it hurt. Hurt to hear her say the word, "Sex addict."

She didn't mean it. It wasn't like that. Maybe he'd explain it to her. The whole thing with Mercedes. It was 'getting on' with it sex. Thats it. But he couldn't explain it that way. Maybe she'd know one day. One day when she really thought she had everything she ever wanted slip right through your fingers, like with Beth.

True, the last few weeks were a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Couldn't anyone understand that?

He picked up the take-away quickly and hurried back to the flat. She'd see he wasn't so bad. He hadn't meant to be so bad. Of course, he hated the fact that he had to make this up to her, of all people. She wasn't even a lover. She was a school girl who could be dating his brother.

He took a deep breath. Yes, he was doing this for Josh. That's it. A little dinner, some chit-chat, who knows what might happen. All would be forgiven, possibly forgotten.

No, she wouldn't forget something like his little romp, Ok, maybe it was the best of all romps Hollyoaks would ever see on their mobil or wherever with Mercedes. Couldn't they break open a bottle of ale, take a drink an give a toast to good fun?

It was quite when he got home with the spicy bag of goodies. Maybe she'd left. Maybe this was all for nothing, but Josh and Sasha quickly followed down the stairs once they smelled the chicken curry.

"Um, yummy," Josh quickly set the table, but Sasha hesitated.

"I'm not going to bite," Rhys said and noticed Sasha roll her eyes. "Come on now, a girl like you can't go hungry especially with revisions and such."

She plopped herself down and waited for Josh to serve up the curry and rice.

"See, I'm not the worst brother in the world, after all, now am I?" He shook his hand through Josh's hair as he sat next to him.

"I wouldn't know that much about brothers these days." She vaguely echoed a sign of sadness.

"But you went on holiday, not so long ago. It can't be all so bad, with or without brothers," said Rhys.

"France would have been awful with Sonny." She picked at her food with a fork while Josh wolfed his down.

"Why would that have been?" Rhys watched her press her lips as she played with her food.

"He hates most things and people when it comes to me." She shrugged.

"People? Did you meet someone, Sasha?" Rhys poured some white wine then and took a sip. He needed to be interested. He was interested. Really, he was. Being interested without wanting anything back.

"Um, yeah, there was this bloke I met at the park, one day." She bit her bottom lip then.

"A Frenchie." Josh joked and Rhys grinned.

"He spoke all in French in the beginning, I guess to impress me," she said then reached for the glass of wine. "Actually, he speaks English perfectly. He e-mailed recently. He'll be in the city this weekend."

"Aw, the Frenchie," Rhys smiled. "So whens the big date?"

"I'm not going." She looked sad, again.

"Don't you think she should give it ago, Josh?" Rhys nodded and gave Josh a look to agree.

"What about Fletch?" Josh went for seconds on the curry.

"As if thats set in stone." Rhys took another bite of the spicy meat and chewed.

Sasha bit her bottom lip. Finally, she exposed a little smile.

"A lass needs an adventure," Rhys finally said. "Besides, life would be boring otherwise."

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